The key learning objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Understand the personality types using DISC assessments.
  • Learn how to communicate with different personalities.
  • Discover the likes and fears of different personality types to enhance motivation and influence.
  • Understand how we learn.
  • Distinguish between personality and character and discover what makes you “tick”.
  • Identify your core and strategic values and learn how these will shape your life.


Who Should Attend

Anybody and everybody



1 – 2 Days


Course Description

We see ourselves and others using maps that we have created largely based on our knowledge and experience. We see differences in the way people behave but yet there are also similarities. People can be better understood if we know their personality type but this does not mean we can simply stereotype people, for people can and do change depending of the kind of motivation they receive.
This programme enables you to better understand yourself and others and also helps identify what motivates you to change with greater ease to unleash your true potential.


Course Outline


Understanding Personality

Learn the core personality types using DISC Discover your own personality type

Natural Strengths & Fears

Identify your natural strengths and fears
Learn to build on strengths and overcome fears

Communicating by Connecting Learn how to communicate effectively with different personality types in order to connect
The Learning Process  Understand the different learning modalities Identify how best you learn
Anchoring Character to Values Learn how values determine your character Discover the secrets of change by developing habits
Unlimited Potential Learn how to internalise your values – nothing is impossible! Learn how to shape the life you want