Mastering and Managing KPIs for Growth

Mastering and Managing KPIs for Growth


At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

• Understand the real requirements for successful implementation of KPI.
• Establish people-friendly KPI Score Cards.
• Clarify strategy and direction.
• Establish sound measurement systems.
• Apply the right method to measure performance.
• Focus on what’s important and not major on the minor.
• Integrate People, Process and Strategy.
• Clarify FOCUS.
• Use score cards and KPI for feedback and change.
• Apply the 5C’s model to manage, monitor and improve performance.
• Evaluate your existing measurement system and enhance it.
• Learn the not just the mechanics of KPI management but also the dynamics.
• Develop and sustain a High Performance KPI-driven culture.
• Link and align people, process, business and customer.
• Streamline and simplify strategy and performance management.


Course Description

This highly hands-on workshop helps you to define and design KPI’s to build your strategic dashboard based on real-life experiential sharing through an interactive workshop. You will be sharing issues, concerns and learn to avoid the pitfalls others have faced in implementing KPI’s.

An intensive programme covering the concept, steps and process of KPI Scorecard in a practical, systematic and interactive method with hands-on exercises and object lessons.



2 Days


Course Outline

• The dynamics and mechanics of KPI Scorecard.
• Concept, framework and model of KPI Scorecard.
• People, process, business, customer framework – 4 perspectives.
• Defining critical success factors.
• Linking from vision, mission, strategy and critical success factors.
• Strategic initiatives action planning.
• Managing performance in the context of KPI Scorecard.
• The proprietary rapid formula.
• Key performance indicators and the scorecard development.
• Billboards, dashboards and scorecards.
• The KPI Scorecard as a change driver.
• Applying the 5C’s model approach to KPI management.
• Measurement deployment process.
• Setting departmental measures.
• Linking to individual measures.
• Palms: establishing a performance alignment, leverage & measurement system.
• Translating into daily management processes.
• Feedback and monitoring checkpoints.
• Visual management processes.
• The MDRT process – measuring, data sourcing, registering and tabulating process.
• Securing commitment through involvement.
• Creating the right dynamics and culture for the success of the KPI Scorecard.
• Using score cards to drive mindset change and performance enhancement