Create Your Winning Team Attitude

Create Your Winning Team Attitude


There is nothing more important than developing a team attitude. We have all seen those teams that have defied the odds. There were smaller, slower and weaker but they possessed that one elusive quality that all bosses talk about is chemistry. The difference maker to this is Attitude. This course teaches you to:

i. Learning your key attitude obstacles at work and train your mind to associate urgency in your work assignments.

ii. Learning to stop self-sabotaging rituals and limiting beliefs at work and change or eliminate limiting comforting thoughts and behaviour paradigms.

iii. To bring up peak state and energy at will to achieve success and fire up your subconscious patterns for auto success.

iv. Understanding the team game in your mind, bridging and closing the gaps for synergy.

v. Learn how to create mental road attitude maps to power targets deadlines.

vi. Learning by using guided imaging techniques to make your mind work for your desired work results.


Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, non-managers in operational, administrative, and people value enhancement roles across all lines of business in your organization to support the core values and mission of the teams.


Course Description

This programme is designed to rid negativity, anger, fear, phobias and disruptive beliefs and stimulate change individuals, equipping them to function as a winning team member. It uses character enhancing, mind programming and coaching processes via sciences of Hypnosis, NLP and Scientific Meditative Techniques. It includes simulations, role playing activities, and interactive workshops to give participants hands-on experience.



2 – 3 days


Course Outline


Improve Your Personal Attitude for Aptitude
in Work

The way you influence your life can help you make a difference in the lives of others in your office.

Learning powerful team strategies to use instantly

Learning how you can become disciplined in a Team

Learning how you should prioritize your life at work

How do you develop trust and work the business mission?

Developing your leadership qualities to support the Team

Skills to build a Business Focus and Driving Force at Work

Learning how to have your ‘ Business Attitude’ in the office

Understanding where you got your current attitude from

Leverage what your attitude can do for you

Learning how to make your attitude your greatest asset at work

Understanding your team values and responsibilities

Effective learning and responses at work for results

Developing punctuality and work attendance

Learning to be more sensitive to others at work

Developing right communication and self-initiative

Strategies to Create Personal Life Balance
for Work Performance

Learning to rid fears and limit negative behavior patterns

Stop procrastination and get the work done on time

Stop procrastination and get the work done on time

Learning how to overcome self-sabotage and challenge excuses

Learning how to handle discouragement, change, problems & failure in work Experience a meditative session – Clear focus thoughts & subconscious conditioning for changed thinking and responses

Developing creative thinking at work

Understanding the psychological difference in working with genders for personal success at work

Learning to speak out to be heard and get your results

The Win-Win Attitude – curbing anger, resentment, and emotional barriers at work

Understanding your energy intervention – The psychic influence on people