Creating A Highly-Effective Support Staff

Creating A Highly-Effective Support Staff


In this new millennium, the roles of the administrative staff are not only about taking direction from their bosses but encompass plenty of skills to assist superiors. Administrative staff should not only be well equipped with administrative and clerical acumen but also act as effective communicators and expert organizers. The performance of the administrative staff reflects the effectiveness of their bosses and the organization as a whole. Consequently, both parties should work together harmoniously and independently. At the end of Creating A Highly-Effective Support Staff, participants will:

i. Be able to establish a better working relationship with co-workers and others.

ii. Be equipped with the necessary tools for performance management and to improve efficiency and customer service skills.

iii. Be able to develop themselves to be better, and be team players.

iv. Encourage the participants to be more professional.

v. Adopt a more positive attitude towards themselves and others.

vi. Be able to improve the use of their time and other resources.


Who Should Attend

Administrative personnel, Secretaries, Personal Assistants and others.


Course Description

Creating A Highly-Effective Support Staff is designed to elevate the relevant skills of support staff so that they can fulfill the changing trends in the working world. It is patterned to make them proactive and flexible in coping with the day-to-day challenges and to support the vision and mission of their superiors. It is a highly interactive, participative workshop based on role plays and simulations.



2 days


Course Outline


It Starts With You

• Create a paradigm shift and a new level of thinking in the support staff Inculcate self-motivation so that the participants learn how to get what they want
• Understand the notion of the Circle of Influence vs Circle of Concern

Developing A Positive Self-Image And Building Self-Esteem

• Understand the importance of a positive mind attitude To learn the steps to a positive mind attitude
• Enabling the participants to avoid feelings of inferiority

Communication Skills & Professional Image

• Capitalizing on the 3Vs of Communication

Adopting The Right Behaviour Style

• Understand behavior styles

Enhancing Relationship With Boss

• Learning the strategies to handle various personalities Apply the best practices for managing relationships

Time & Personal Management

• Identifying the root cause of poor time management Utilising the daily time management tools

Effective Follow-Up & Resources Optimization

• Acquiring the skills in tracking your boss/staying ahead of your superior Learning the 31-day System; Six Folders System; and Normal Filing System Adopting consistency in the use of tools

Critical Success Factors For Priorities & Deadlines Management

• Identifying CSFs
• Developing tools to monitor CSFs Ability to continuously improve CSF

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