Corporate Soldier - Success without Stress

Corporate Soldier – Success without Stress


The amount of time and work that is lost in illness and depression from stress build up can be intolerable to a company reducing the productivity by 25%. To truly combat today’s new high performance working cultures, staffs have to get into a war footing and be highly resilient and trained corporate soldiers. Corporate Soldier – Success without Stress teaches you to:

i. Discover strategies to elevate stress and have the time of your life.

ii. Direct your thoughts and emotions for better crisis management.

iii. Learn to stop procrastination at work and handle work priorities correctly.

iv. Learn to curb insomnia, depression, obsessive behaviours, disunity, drug or alcohol addiction, or other behaviours that can adversely affect productivity.

v. Boost up! Know how to relax without formulated methods, guidelines or pep talks.

vi. Learning to cope with Stress in a High Performance Culture of an organisation.

vii. Creating passion to succeed at work and in your lifestyle experiences.


Who Should Attend

Corporate Soldier – Success without Stress is a people-orientated programme that is specially designed for all line of business in your organisation to take charge and succeed in the delivery of mission of your team.


Course Description

This programme is designed using a Darwin process to rid fear, phobias and limiting beliefs and sciences of Hypnosis, NLP and Scientific Meditative Techniques. It includes simulations, role playing activities, and interactive workshops to give you the necessary practical experience. Participants will learn effective mind programmeming techniques to curb stress.



1-2 Days


Course Outline

Understand Stress and its impact on overall Performance • Working in the High Performance Culture – The Corporate Soldier

• Learning the types of stress and how emotions affect physical health/performance

• Testing your level of stress

• Understand the rules of the mind to manage stress

• Understand what is an Anchor and triggers

• Learning how stress conditioning is created and fired-up

• Understanding usage and value of stress in business demands – the Corporate Soldier

Leverage Stress to Power-up your Performance • Understanding your automated mental response during stress build-up

• Learn how to cope ‘battling’ situations and crisis handling, without undue stress

• Learning how to manage objection, rejection and anger

• How to create peak performance and energy at will

• Learning basic hypnosis techniques to daily relax the mind and body

• Learn how to instantly relax the mind and body with key influence words

Strategies to Collapse Stressors and conditioned responses • Learning to eliminate fears, limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns

• Reframing your signs of worry and ‘burnout’ and make it better

• Create fun ways on how to break patterns of conditioned stress

• Mind Techniques and meditative methods to still the mind

Building synergy with people in pressured conditions • Learning to put people first. It starts in the Heart

• Working with the team to work the dream at work

• Positioning yourself effectively when working with tough and difficult people.

• Learning to resolve matters instead of a compromise

• Learning how you can stay focus on your results

• Create Mental road map – business goal cognitive group therapy

• Develop strategies to have ‘the time of your life’ at work

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