Communication Excellence

Communication Excellence


Communication Excellence enable participants to:

• Learn the art of captivating and compelling communication.

• Discover the secrets of how to be a charismatic speaker.

• Create deep rapport & trust easily and use it ethically.

• Engage with clients and colleagues with ease and comfort, leaving an impactful impression.

• Understand and appreciate different communication styles.

• Gain skills in conversational parley to diffuse tough situations with difficult people.

• Develop influencing skills and persuade effectively without authority.

• Demonstrate the ability to deploy NLPTM tools to get desired outcomes in interactions with others.


Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for:

• Individuals with high dependency on interpersonal or group communication.

• Organisational leaders & managers.

• Entrepreneurs & young leaders.

• Individuals who wish to acquire high-impact communication and persuasion skills.


Course Description

Strong communication skills are arguably the most important attribute a manager can possess. Communication Excellence assists participants to develop high-impact communication skills to effectively bring their messages across, to persuade and influence others, to build effective and trusting relationships at work and in private.

During this highly interactive programme, participants will identify their communication skills challenges, explore different models of communication, and discuss perception and its impact on understanding. This programme also covers verbal and nonverbal communication, non- verbal cues, tone of voice, body physiology, tactics for positioning messages, and strategies for dealing with miscommunication and misunderstanding.

By the end of this training programme, participants will understand how to gain flexibility in their own communication style and how to adjust it to best suit different communication styles, sharpen their listening skills and acquire persuasion techniques to better handle difficult people and situations.



2-4 Days


Course Outline


& Perception


• Communication Model – how we make sense of our ‘reality’

• Adopting new Mental Models – NLP Presuppositions

• Principles of successful communication in NLP terms

• Communication flexibility – how to recognise and tailor for different communication styles



& Trust

• Building Rapport, establishing Trust

• Establishing a WIN-WIN mentality

• Pacing intention and leading to agreement



• Identifying thinking strategies based on eye movement cues

• Calibration of before & after communication impact

• Mind and body connection – physiological cues



• Our preferred sensory channel

• Identifying communication style based on language

• High-impact communication through flexibility

Language of Influence & Persuasion • Deep Structure of Language

• Managing amount of conversational details

• Principles of Listening – discerning between perception and projection

• Managing amount of conversational details

• What phrases to use and to avoid

• Power questions – get precise information you need

• Conversational frames – set the direction

• Overcome objections artfully on the subconscious level

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