Coaching with NLP

Coaching with NLP


Coaching with NLP shows new as well as experienced life coaches how to apply the secrets of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in their life and business coaching practices. This course will help coaches to better understand the reality of how their clients think, and how to help them achieve life, and professional goals. By the end of the module, participants will be able to:
i. Understand the principles of NLP and how they can facilitate an effective and conducive coaching experience.

ii. Apply empowering questioning techniques to further enhanced clients’ problem solving skills.

iii. Able to identify and comprehend the client’s desire and thinking process thus enabling them to excel more rapidly.

iv. Adopt the mindset and attitude of creative master coaches.


Who Should Attend

Senior management that wish to increase the performance of their team members; sales managers and anyone that is required to coach executives’ performance and productivity.


Course Description

This programme is designed to help participants become familiar with the coaching process. The course will equip the participants with the essential knowledge, principles and tools to start their coaching session in the right direction. It employs interactive discussions, simulations, role plays and challenges to bring out the best learning experiences.



2 Days


Course Outline

The principles of NLP • The fundamental principles that forms the foundation for effective human interactions
NLP and Coaching • Understanding the correlation between NLP and coaching
Goals, Beliefs and Values • Utilising NLP techniques to elicit deeply held values and beliefs, and their hierarchies pertaining to goals and dreams
The Art of Coaching • Learning and adopting the process of attentive listening, calibration, perceptual positioning and questioning techniques for effective coaching
Obstacles to Achievement • Investigate the four ‘dream snatchers’ (worthiness, habits, language patterns, monitoring loop) to achievement and how to overcome them
Empowering Questions • Learning and designing empowering questions and questioning techniques for creative problem solving
Developing Compelling Action Plan • Using key NLP strategies to develop a compelling action plan for the client

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