Character-Wise Leadership

Character-Wise Leadership


Energise your team environment through exercising personal responsibility in four key wisdom principles:

i. Clear Conscience – How to overcome the blame game.

ii. Anger Resolution – How to overcome hurts and irritations.

iii. Rightful Authority – How to overcome poor people influence.

iv. Energised Discipline – How to overcome aimlessness in life.


Who Should Attend

Managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Executives, Department Heads, Management Trainees.


Course Description

Character-Wise Leadership training provides an in-depth self-reflective process by which individuals revitalize their leadership potential for positive change. The four life keys of clear conscience, anger resolution, rightful authority and energised discipline are presented as the root principles which form the foundation for authentic success.



2 Days


Course Outline

The Foundation

of Character

• Understand the reasons why people do what is right

• Identify the standards of character excellence as foundational to leadership success

• Group work & presentation: diagnose the root cause of persistent behavioural issues

CARE Key 1:

Clear Conscience

• Take personal responsibility for every word, action and attitude

• Avoid playing the blame game which will cause psychological instability

• Process the 3-steps to gaining a clear conscience

• Identify the 10-90% conflict resolution model

• Group work & role play : Identify basic offenses in a conflict situation

CARE Key 2:

Anger Resolution

• Recognise the subtle but certain dangers of escalating anger

• Identify the 3 dimensions of anger and focusing on the most powerful component

• Discovering the early signals of the spirit of anger

• Process step 2 of resolving the spirit of anger – how to build the bridge of respect

• Building the C-A-R-E bridge of common respect and personal responsibility

• Role-Play: The leader initiating a courageous conversation to connect

CARE Key 3:

Rightful Authority

• Examine the reasons for loyalty – is this a dying trait or otherwise

• Debate the balance of personality versus position of someone in authority

• Discuss the 3 primary roles of those in authority – protection, order and development

• Discover the 7 requirements for an effective appeal

• Group work: Selecting your topic for an appeal

• Group presentation : An appeal request for management consideration

• Discover the benefits of presenting an effective appeal.

• Overcoming the critical phase of leadership where “iron sharpens iron”

CARE Key 4:

Energised Discipline

• Dispel common misconceptions of personal freedom

• Recognise the 3 factors of personal energy and how they interact

• Define a 5 step process to discover your personal life convictions

• Reinforce your energised momentum with 4 core commitment actions

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