Change Management


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

i.    Understand factors leading to organisational change.

ii.   Understand why organisational change programmes fail.

iii.  Understand roles of leaders in leading change.

iv.  Discover how to initiate organisational change programmes.

v.   Discover how to inspire change programmes across the organisation.

vi.  Understand key success factors when implementing change programmes.

vii. Understand key success factors in sustaining change programmes.


Who Should Attend

Departmental heads, managers and supervisors who are responsible for shaping business outcomes and also leading organisational change programmes.

Course Description

This workshop focuses on the change management process required when leading organisational change. Participants will be introduced to key processes involved in leading organisational change; Understand factors leading to change programmes; What leaders focuses on when leading change programmes; How to start and sustain change initiatives across the organisation; Understand pitfalls to avoid at different stages of the change process.


Course Outline

Introduction • What leaders ask of themselves when leading business

• Types of change programmes

• Trigger for change programmes

• Why change programmes fail

• Role of leaders when leading change

Initiating Change • Creating the urgency for organisational change

• Assemble the change team
• Firming the change mandate

• Establishing the change vision

• Creating the change plan

Inspiring Change • Creating awareness and communicating the change vision

• Obtaining buy-in, beliefs and desire for change

Implementing Change • Executing the change plan

• Accelerating change programmes

• Dealing with resistance

• Tracking, reporting & managing change performance

Internalizing Change • Reinforcing new habits, new norms

• Empowering organisation to drive change

• Sustaining the change

• Renewing organisational energy for change

Positive Culture • Understanding culture

• Power of leaders

• Sigmoid Curve

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