CATS-Nine Lives of Innovation


In today’s dynamic ever-changing business environment, the capacity to innovate is key to staying relevant and competitive. This course enables you to:

i. Understand the four basic challenges to innovation and how they affect your ability to innovate.

ii. Learn and apply the nine lives of innovation.

iii. Organise innovation methodically so it is more useful to you on a daily basis.


Who Should Attend

Mid-level managers who are interested in making innovation part and parcel of their daily lives.


Course Description

The workshop is based on the book CATS: The Nine Lives of Innovation and some of the elements are drawn from FISH! and Top Performer. The nine lives of innovation consist of the curriculum
for developing our potential and the four basic challenges are the obstacles we must overcome along the way. It includes role-playing activities and interactive sessions to give you hands-on opportunities to internalise lessons learned.


Course Outline

Introduction • Background and overview on CATS nine lives of innovation
Life One: CATS overcome the clutter of life • Quiet Mind – There is a constant conversation going on in most minds that must be quieted in order to find the space for innovation
Life Two: CATS are always prepared,

especially for the unpredictable

• Preparation – The way you organise your experience in the warehouses of your long-term memory can serve you well when it comes time to innovate
Life Three: CATS know that innovation

isn’t normal

• Understanding Normal – One way to counter the effects of being normal is to understand how and why we humans have evolved the way we have. There is a reason for the creation called human beings
Life Four: CATS welcome real provocation • Real Provocation – To escape from the clutches of what is normal we can provoke ourselves with scenarios, objects, real-world observations and stimulation from guided interaction with others
Life Five: CATS promote imaginary provocation • Imaginary Provocation – To escape the containing power the norm we can stimulate our thinking with mental assaults and imaginary challenges
Life Six: CATS say “How fascinating” • Fascinating! – A great way to meet failure is with whimsy. “I invested in a start-up and lost everything. How fascinating! What can I learn from this?”
Life Seven: CATS fail early and well • Quick Prototyping – Fail early and fail well in order to succeed at innovation
Life Eight: CATS pounce on change • Managing Change – All innovation is change. Need we say more?
Life Nine: CATS love CAT Wranglers • Herding Cats – The job of the CAT Wrangler is to herd cats through a labyrinth called change. To maximise the innovation that resides within us all a special form of leadership is required. It’s called Cat Wrangling and those who practice at it are called Cat Wranglers – they understand natural energy and how to lead other CATS to innovation

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