Captain's Log Simulation

Captain’s Log Simulation


Management and leadership can be two concepts that go hand-in-hand. This simulation intends to:

• Boost leadership readiness through no-nonsense self-examination.

• Eliminate planning with their eyes closed and brains shut.

• Download a concrete view of their business (kingdom) and upload clear deliverables to their subordinates (subjects).

• Navigate their department (ship) towards the right direction (destination) and use accurate information (GPS).

• Apply the right leadership style to engage a potpourri of characters.

• Select the right talent (mechanic) for the right task (machine).

• Sit back and let systems run the show.

• Make warp-speed decisions in a pressure cooker.

• Excite and maintain loyalty of their elite warriors in the battlefield.

Who Should Attend

Those who acknowledge the existence of inefficiencies and believe in the power of their employees to find better solutions, those who feel that the main obstacle to improvement is lack of employee buy-in, those looking to eliminate bottlenecks/wastage urgently, those who believe that increased functional expertise would expedite problem solving initiatives.

Course Description

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” -Jack Welch

Every organisation reflects its leader, yet many are oblivious to the fact that a leader’s credibility and his right to be followed are based on his life as much as his lip. Good leadership empowers people by providing the resources they need to get the job done, but the goal is in teaching them to be resourceful themselves. The need for leadership within teams is greater today than any time in history. Organisations are already moving into empowering teams to execute decisions and to stand accountable for it. The skill of managing and steering teams is crucial if the organisation is to be effective on the whole.

Captain’s Log emphasises on leadership qualities necessary for assistant managers, managers and senior managers. This simulation workshop is specifically designed to make use of the practical knowledge of leadership and also leadership principles learnt through real life experiences of the well knowledgeable trainers. The participants will go through the simulation in 2 powerful and breath-taking phases with specific problems and lessons.

This is a Simulation Workshop, whereby the participants will experience leading a team by preparing a ship and navigating it through uncertain waters. The simulation is done in a room with lighting and sound and also with realistic hands-on activity. The first 2/3 of the day will be the “Simulation Workshop” and the rest 1/3 of the day will be a practical de-briefing together with interactive lectures on the modules according to the programme content.



1 Day


Experience 1: Where Management Sets the Stage for Leadership

Module 1: Rallying the Troop • The Team DNA – What is your team’s behaviour profile

• Gauging and Knowing your Teams Strength and Blind Spots

• Clarifying Roles, Expectations & Enforcing Rules Of Engagement

• Establishing unshakeable rules of work and the gold standard of performance

• The Art of Identifying or Selecting the right talent for the right task without an ounce of doubt

Module 2: Developing a Robust & Successful Strategy • Looking Outside for Threat and Opportunities

• Looking Inside for Strengths and Weaknesses

• Identifying Internal Strength & Weaknesses

• Analysing Core Competencies

• Understanding Management and Culture

• Selecting the right direction for your team with total confidence

Module 3: Executing Action Plans • Developing air-tight systems to support the departments direction & goals

• Identifying Critical Success Factors to ensure that energy is directed strategically towards what really matters.

• Managing time processes and resources to deliver the departments promise

• Delegating tasks for maximum efficiency and productivity

• Having an Innovative mind to create solutions to heighten performance & efficiency

• Establishing a strategic communication system with team to prevent conflicts among team members


Experience 2: Where Leadership Ensures Management Success

Module 4: The Authentic Leadership Model • The 12 Essentials of An Authentic Leader

• The Authentic Leadership Framework

• 6 Crucial things to do when you take command

• Authentic Leadership Model In Crisis Situation

Module 5: Command & Control Using the Authentic Leadership Framework • Understand How Great Leaders Radiates Energy in An Organisation

• How to Energise The Team Member And Inspire Them To Act

• Having the Edge To Face Challenges In The Ever Volatile Business Environment

• Executes The Tasks To Get Things Done To Move Beyond The Goal Set