Effective Business Writing

Effective Business Writing


Effective Business Writing is a that course teaches you to:

i. Read and interpret the various forms of written business communications.

ii. Recognise the common errors in business writing communications.

iii. Produce business emails, letters and reports accurately.

iv. Communicate clearly and concisely.

v. Reduce self-consciousness and self-doubt.


Who Should Attend

Employees at all levels in a corporation who seek to maximise their performance, become stronger and more confident communicators through writing and thereby add more value to the organisation


Course Description

Effective Business Writing runs in various formats. The emphasis is on workshop activities with hands-on participation and exercises of working in small teams to promote communication between colleagues and team work. This programme can be presented in various ways depending on the client’s needs.



2 Days


Course Outline

Introduction • Usage of Introduction Matrix to introduce fellow colleagues

• Understanding of different learning styles

• 20 Golden Rules

• Thinking and organisational rules for writing

• Review of concept mapping

Business Writing • Taking notes in a business context

• Taking minutes of meetings

• Practical exercise where teams are to discuss and prepare a concept map for a particular topic

Lateral Thinking • Exercise in creative thinking/problem solving
Business Letter Writing • Ten secrets of writing business letters

• Writing business memos and emails

• Outline of a business memo

• Manage emails

• Review and correct emails

• Guidelines to writing a formal report

• Formatting a business letter

• How to write a letter of complaint

Writing Assignment • Preparation by participants of business letter of response/group work

• Presentation/feedback of written material-writing

• Every participant to provide feedback and ask questions on written exercise

Closing Address • Facilitator reviews the workshop and summaries its purpose and outcome

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