Business Social Etiquette and Protocol

Business Social Etiquette and Protocol


With the Business Social Etiquette and Protocol training programme, the staff will be able to:

i. Understand the importance of Business Etiquette.

ii. Optimise perception and project a professional image of represented organisation and you.

iii. Build self-confidence and develop positive & values changing mindset and behaviour ultimately resulting in an efficient work environment.

iv. Enhance Corporate Image and Branding being a poised and polished brand ambassador/ representative of your company.

v. Learn skills in projecting professionalism and confidence in handling any sticky or difficult business and social situations.

vi. Have the confidence to carry themselves with appropriate conduct and etiquette in any situation.


Who Should Attend

Officers, Executives, Receptionists, Customer Service, Assistant Managers, Managers who have to face and service customers in their daily line of duty.


Course Description

In today’s fast-paced global society, business social etiquette and protocol skills are necessary to ensure success and gain respect and recognition. Regardless of age, gender, or profession, you need to practice politeness and decorum to understand what it means to be socially acceptable. Etiquette and protocol are the outer expressions of your character and play a vital role in projecting the right image. The mannerisms of your employees can significantly impact your corporate image and the style in which clients perceive about your company. Your employees should maintain a professional demeanour that is a positive expression of the business and is in line with your corporate brand image.



1 Day


Course Outline

Understanding Etiquette • Introduction to Etiquette

• The importance of Business Etiquette

Networking for Success • Creating an Effective Introduction

• Making a great First Impression

• Mastering handshakes (techniques) and cultural sensitivities

• Using Business Cards effectively

• Learning the art of ‘small talk’ & remembering names

• Personal space and positive body posture and gestures

Business Email and Telephone Etiquette • Addressing your message

• Developing an appropriate greetings

• Telephone etiquette – How phonogenic are you?

• Dealing with voicemails

• Cell phone Do’s and Don’ts

Dining in Style • Behaviour at the dining table – Do’s and Don’ts

• How to be gracious host and guest at a Banquet

• Understanding your place setting (formal and informal settings)

• Relationship building at business events

• Sticky situations and possible solutions

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