Business Etiquette and Corporate Grooming

Business Etiquette and Corporate Grooming


It is said that an organisation is only as credible as its people. And first impressions are the basis of building that credibility. Business Etiquette and Corporate Grooming prepares employees to create the necessary impression through the acquisition of these skills:

i. Finesse introductions: from shaking hands and using eye contact to remembering names.

ii. Dressing appropriately for every business occasion.

iii. Communicate confidently in any business situation.

iv. Appropriate techniques and approaches to self-projection and corporate representation.

v. Establishes trust and credibility through professional interrelations.


Who Should Attend

Everyone, in any type of business, from new college graduates to senior executives, who want to enhance their social skills to improve their personal and professional image, improve their relationships with colleagues and clients, and learn new skills that can help them “stay in the game.


Course Description

In today’s world, business demands more than keeping your nose to the grindstone and your ear to the ground. You need business savviness and the ability to establish yourself in a credible manner. A faux pas at the wrong time can damage your career. If you are newly appointed to a management position, or if you interact with people you don’t know on a regular basis, this workshop, Business Etiquette and Corporate Grooming can help you succeed. If you want to enhance and polish your business image, or if you just want to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the corporate world, this workshop will allow you to take a quantum leap forward in skill, sophistication, and confidence.



2 Days


Course Outline

Fear Of Embarrassment • Why the Need for Etiquette or Grooming?

• Style Assessment

Measuring Your Business Etiquette • Questionnaire

• Open Discussion

Formalities & Protocol • Hand Shakes

• Are Those Business Cards or Candies?

The Skill Of Making Small Talk • What Works

• Taboos

• Exit Lines

Placing Names To Faces • Group Exercise
Making That Great First Impression • Body Impressions

• Mind Impressions

• Emotional Impressions

Dressing For Success • Dressing The Part

• What’s Your Code

• Adding Colour to Your Wardrobe

Creating The Mind-Set • Scope of Grooming

• Developing Your Personal Skills on Corporate Grooming

Versatility In Your Style • Benefits of Projecting Professional Self-Image to Themselves and Their Corporate Image.

• Complementing Individual Profiles Through Personal Sense of Style

Programme Summary  • Personal Action Plan

• Q & A

• Review

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