Business English For Executives

Business English For Executives


Business English For Executives is designed to develop effective communication skills to write reports, policies, procedures and respond to customer needs and complaints so as to ensure high standard of customer and employee relations. Given a range of executive functions, the learner will be able to:

i. Understand and develop technical as well as non-technical reports and analysis.

ii. Understand and develop as well as implement policies, procedures and contracts.

iii. Understand and respond to customers’ complaints.

iv. Understand and use appropriate language in the context of a negotiation.


Who Should Attend

Entry-level and junior level employees who frequently use English in a business environment and want to develop key business communication skills would find this course highly useful in their development. Participants will already have a pre-intermediate or intermediate level of English proficiency.


Course Description

English is now the undisputed de facto language of knowledge in the world. Business English For Executives is a workshop that will help participants improve their English speaking and writing skills, thereby improving the quality of their internal written communication, and boosting the image and professionalism of the organisation they work for. This programme adopts an experiential approach. Participants, for instance, are asked to submit samples of reports from their own departments. These are then analysed and evaluated based on sound and proven principles of good report writing. The programme also comprises language games and activities, role-play, group work
and presentations.



2 Days


Course Outline

Understanding And Describing Technical And Non-Technical Reports Listening and Speaking Skills:

• Describe trends

• Compare and contrast

• Make analogies

• Identify strengths and weaknesses

• Predict possible outcomes
• Summarise and conclude

Reading and Writing Skills:

• Interpret charts and graphs

• Plot charts

• Write a clear and objective report

Understanding, Developing And Implementing Policies, Procedures And Contracts Listening and Speaking Skills:

• Listen to and give explanation

• Gather benchmark information

• Receive and respond to feedback

• Provide arguments and support proposals

Reading and Writing Skills:

• Read reports and extract relevant information

• Read reports and create flow charts

• Summarise, paraphrase and organise documentation

• Understand complaints – handling format and procedures

• Understand politically, culturally and socially appropriate language used in informal and formal discourse

Understanding And Responding To Customer Complaints Listening and Speaking Skills:

• Respond to controversial and provocative statements correctly and appropriately

• Use socially and politically acceptable language

• Ask for specific information

• Use effective interviewing techniques and tools to elicit responses

• Use verbal and non-verbal cues

Reading and Writing Skills:

• Use culturally acceptable language

• Use words that will not create bias

• Interpret information and write in standard format

• Understand negotiation techniques such as bargaining, compromising and collaborating to achieve an understanding

Understanding And Using Language Appropriate In Negotiations Listening and Speaking Skills:

• Use appropriate verbal and non-verbal cues to show active listening

• Use appropriate language forms and functions

• Use diplomatic language

Reading and Writing Skills:

• Read and identify issues for negotiation

• Propose and counter propose

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