Building And Sustaining A High Performance Culture

Building And Sustaining A High Performance Culture


Research by Jim Collins (Good To Great) on Great Companies that outperform good companies in the US Stock Market, reveals that the culture of the former is different from that of the latter. The former is driven by a Culture of Discipline, where people are not only self-disciplined but also disciplined in thinking and disciplined in action. On top of that, they practice the ethics of Entrepreneurship. The latter is short in these areas. These High Performance Cultures (HPC) that Great Companies live by are the moulds that have shaped their values and Standards of Behaviour. It has empowered leaders to lead and the followers to offer solid support to their supervisors, bound by a common purpose or mission to bring about enduring success to their organisations. Organisations which desire to migrate from Good to Great should begin by building their corporate culture to be a HPC. Building And Sustaining A High Performance Culture provides the road map on how to migrate from Good to Great through the HPC. Managers who attend this programme will be able to do the following after completing the programme:

i. Understand what High Performance Culture is, and why organisations needs it to elevate itself to ‘Great’.

ii. Translate the Culture of Discipline into action.

iii. Practice and internalise the concept of discipline in thinking.

iv. Coach participants to be disciplined in action.

v. Practice and internalise the ethics of entrepreneurship.


Who Should Attend

Middle and Senior Management of SME’s or Managers at MNCs.


Course Description

Building And Sustaining A High Performance Culture is designed to equip managers with the competencies to lead the transformation process towards a HPC, be it at organisational, divisional, departmental or unit level. Participants will walk through the “experience of HPC” through highly interactive sessions, role-plays, simulations, case studies and outdoor activities as well as process sessions following each activity.



3 days, 2 nights (Off-site)


Course Outline

Disciplined People with Common Values • HPC: What, Why, How

• Personal Values and Behaviour Standards that drive HPC

• Adopting Shared Values through FSNP (Form. Storm. Norm. Perform) process

• Facing up to non-compliance

The Thinking Discipline • The Thinking Through Process: Making thinking and problem-solving easy

• OTB (Outside The Box ) thinking vs ITB ( Inside The Box) thinking

• The Complete action loop (KRA – Objectives- Strategic Objectives- Targets – KPIs initiatives –Action- feedback – review)

Leaders Must Lead • Leading by example : a must for all Heads, to make HPC a success

• Applying Jack Welch’s the 4E+P leadership model (Energy, Energise, • Edge, Execute + passion)

Reviewing the HR support system to support HPC • The Performance Management System and reward system, to ensure that high performers are commensurately rewarded and recognised

• The Recruitment and selection process, to ensure that only high

• Performers enter the organisation, at any point

• Management and succession planning, to ensure that high performers are identified trained and readied for succession

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