Breaking Barriers - Transforming Groups into Teams

Breaking Barriers – Transforming Groups into Teams


Teamwork is a cornerstone of organisational effectiveness. Effective teamwork enhances the organisation’s performance. It boosts morale and helps people to analyse and overcome operational challenges and competitions. A good team is much more than a collection of individual skills; it has a multiplier effect that creates synergistic result that is more than the sum of these skills. Additionally, it is one of the main sources of inspiration and motivation at the work place. By the end of the Breaking Barriers – Transforming Groups into Teams module, participants will be able to:
i. Understand the evolutionary stages of a cohesive and performing team.
ii. Develop better synergistic working relationships within the organisation.
iii. Re-establish alignment between personal goals and organisation goals.
iv. Adopting new attitudes and creating win-win environment in the work place.


Who Should Attend

Management, departmental or project teams that seek to improve working relationships, teams that aspires to perform at a higher level, and newly set up teams that require bonding the team members quickly.


Course Description

Breaking Barriers – Transforming Groups into Teams is specially designed for corporate organisations to enhance teams as they strive for synergistic excellence in all that the organisation sets to achieve. It employs activity based learning, simulations, role plays, intense debriefs and challenges to bring out the best learning experiences.



2 Days


Course Outline

Stages of Team Development • Understanding the key stages of a team from the early phase of formation of the team until the team reaches cohesiveness and high performance
Measure the Process and Establish Baseline • Scorecard, Visualization Charts
The Power of Vision, Mission and Core Values • Exploring the strengths and uniqueness of the organisation through adjusting attitudes and mindset with the vision, mission and values of the organisation. Participants are made aware of the importance of aligning personal goals to the organisation aspirations
Synergy is Not Just Addition • Investigate the concept of synergy and how each individual can play a part in creating synergistic partnerships within the organisation
Perception and Results • Understanding the correlation between one’s perception and the results it generates especially in the area of developing useful working relationship amongst team members
Effective Team Communication Principles • Learning critical communication principles that promote actions and accountabilities. Successful teams communicate expectations differently than dysfunctioning teams
Managing Change as a Team • Managing changes at a personal level is far less complex than managing changes as a team. Here participants will explore the different criteria that are essential to consider in order for the team to navigate through sudden changes effectively
Winning Through a Win-Win Mindset • A close cousin of creating synergy, developing a win-win mindset will ensure continuity of successful partnerships, thus providing long term profitability for the organisation.

• Participants will learn key principles in order to create a win-win atmosphere

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