Boardroom Management- Strategy and Execution


An interactive workshop designed to facilitate linkage between strategy and execution. Emphasis will be on applying continuous improvement principles through teamwork to identify burning platforms and translating them into opportunities that will lead towards the “pace-setter” status in business excellence. It is aimed at business leaders and high potential executives empowered to execute strategies to deliver both top-line and bottom-line performance.

i. This programme provides the insight on developing the excellence criteria that businesses need in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiencies, the two fundamental factors for business excellence.

ii. Starting from the vision and navigating through the burning platform to identify the required performance drivers that enable maximising values to an enterprise.

iii. Disciplined use of a structured approach to:

  • Identify opportunities & prioritise opportunities.
  • Translate opportunities into projects to execute.
  • Prioritise and manage the number of projects in process.


Who Should Attend

Any members of an organisation from board of directors, senior executives, operations, sales and marketing, administrators of the business who are keen in applying the principles of change management and process performance.


Course Description

An interactive course with simulation, facilitating the generation of opportunities in the core enablers of a business. The goal is to develop a clear path originating from the vision and strategy to the direction required to achieve successful execution.

Throughout the sessions, participants will be introduced to tools that will help them in solving the problem and generate solutions that can be implemented. The simulation will demonstrate the importance of Leadership and vigorous adherence to the methodology in order to achieve significant gains.


Course Outline

Defining the Problem and Opportunities • Project Charter, SIPOC, VOC
Measure the Process and Establish Baseline • Scorecard, Visualization Charts
Data Collection •  Data collection plan, Charts
Quick Wins • Just do it!
Simulation – Debrief • Scorecard
Analyse the Process and Data • Swim lane, Cause & Effect Diagram
Identify & Validate Root Causes • Value & Time Analysis
Improve the Process – DMAIC Methodology Lean Tools • Brainstorming session, Poke Yoke
Implement the Improvements • Lean tools
Simulation – Debrief • Scorecard
Sustain with Control Phase • Dashboard, Documentation, SOP

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