Being Proactive & Action-Oriented

Being Proactive & Action-Oriented


At times, we find ourselves stuck in situations where we feel helpless, paralysed and incapable of changing the situation. It can be anything ranging from a seemingly unreasonable supervisor who is out to make your life difficult to company processes that don’t make any sense. Being Proactive & Action-Oriented is a programme that teaches you:

i. Simply not to accept that any predicament is “unfixable”.

ii. That everything is about choices – the decisions you make, your responses to people, events and circumstances inevitably affect your future.

iii. To take charge of situations rather than allow yourself to be victimised by what life throws at you.


Who Should Attend

Anyone who has the desire to break out of existing predicaments and have better control over their lives.


Course Description

This course is designed to help you take charge of your life and have the strength of character to make decisions that aren’t always easy. It includes simulations, role-playing activities, and interactive workshops to give you hands-on experience, helping you become an effective strategist and change driver in your organisation.



1/2-1 Day


Course Outline

Basic Change Model • Breaking free from the mindset of “want-have-do” to “want-do-have”
Reactive Model vs Proactive Model • Learning not to allow moods, feelings, and circumstances to drive circumstances

• Harnessing the power, freedom, and ability to choose responses according to values

Responding Effectively to Change • Ensuring that you are responsive and adaptable to the changes around you that are occurring at an exponential rate
Circle of Concern/ Influence • Learning to focus on the things you can change instead of focusing on worries on which you have no real control

• Expanding circle of influence at the expense of the circle of concern

The Law of Employability • Adopting rules of thumb to proactively close the gap between your skill set, abilities, performance and market needs
My Commitment • Developing an action plan to ensure that lessons for the day are not lost and forgotten
Closing • Wrapping up

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