Being A Talented Manager (BATMAN)

Being A Talented Manager (BATMAN) 


Being A Talented Manager is a workshop specially designed for New Managers, enabling them to learn the ropes of management, leadership and how to get the best out of their employees. Many newly-made managers continue to rely greatly on themselves for success as their past success was determined by how well they performed as individual contributors. However, managers cannot be a one-man show and expect to win. Great teams are developed when you engage and ensure every single member of your team is playing to win and is working at their highest productivity points. The ability to engage your people is a crucial element in being a great manager. Being A Talented Manager teaches you how to:

i. Understand the new role as a manager and what it means to lead others.

ii. Leverage your strengths.

iii. Develop seemingly average people into first class performers.

iv. Keep your employees motivated and engaged through a 4 step process – Know Me, Care for Me, Focus Me and Grow Me.


Who Should Attend

Newly-promoted managers or supervisors, and specialists in specific areas of expertise who have teams reporting to them, and executives who are soon to be promoted into a role with direct reports.


Course Description

This programme introduces the importance of self-knowledge as a basis for effective management performance. It will provide you with a forum to leverage your strengths and improve on your weaknesses, enabling you to create greatness from mediocrity. The programme includes pre-course work, experiential activities, lectures, participative discussions and exercises, class workshop, an MBTi Assessment, and value-adding debrief sessions by trained and experienced facilitators.



2 – 3 Days (Customization)


Course Outline

Self Discovery

• Knowing your values and preferences

• Integrating your values with that of your organisation

Learning Reflection

• Appreciating the diverse learning styles

• Adapting teaching styles according to your audience

Emotions in Play

• Constant awareness that your emotional state affects your interactions

• Understanding the implicit messages of certain gestures

Your Motivations • Understanding the underlying motivation governing your actions – power, achievement, or affiliation
Strength Finder • Discovering your 5 top strengths and how to leverage them
Strengths Puzzle • Appreciating diversity when selecting talent

• Understanding which combinations of strengths yield higher chances of success

Objectives of team members

• Ensuring that the objectives and expectations you set of your team members play into their strengths

• Using the S.M.A.R.T. framework

Success Conversations

• Learning to be tactful when having difficult conversations with underperformers

• Formulating action plans to help underperformers meet expectations

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