Barefoot Leadership

Barefoot Leadership


Extraordinary leaders inspire, energise and mobilise followers. Leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela do all that and more – with extraordinarily few resources.

This leadership programme, which decodes the methodologies (the art) and mindsets (the heart) of “Barefoot Leaders,” gives participants:

i. Ten Barefoot Leadership principles in leading self and others toward extraordinary outcomes.

ii. An integrated and experiential framework on how to oscillate between action and reflection – which lies at the heart of extraordinary leadership.

iii. Lifelong leadership practices that can be put into action now, at any level of leadership.


Who Should Attend

  • Intellectually curious young executives who love to learn and ignite purpose in their work,
  • Managers who seek to be change agents that influence and inspire teams at all levels
  • Leaders who want to examine their roles as agents of renewal for their organisations
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to lead with little access to power, political influence or money.


Course Description

Barefoot Leadership is an innovative and experiential leadership programme that delivers creative encounters for you to achieve extraordinary breakthroughs in your business leadership and life direction. Through simulations, role-plays and personal/group reflection, you will unearth powerful insights on your conviction, character, capacity, compass and consciousness as a leader. You will also encounter and interview “Barefoot Leaders” in Malaysia who have impacted countless lives in Asia. The stories, strategies and insights – based on years of narrative research – will inspire you to reflect on and practice leadership skills that motivate you and your team to go that extra mile.



1 or 2 Days


Course Outline



#1: Let go of control and …

#2: Embrace your calling Barefoot leaders gain conviction to begin the journey by letting go of plans in order to pursue their heart’s deep purpose and values.

Learning tools: Gandhi’s Sandal, Iceberg Exercise


#3: Courage and …

#4: Humility Barefoot leaders develop character that last the long haul by being tough and compassionate at the same time.

Learning tools: “Unequal Resources” simulation, the Courage Meter


#5: Deliberate practice and …

#6: Savouring joy Barefoot Leaders achieve ever higher levels of accomplishment through focused effort and being attentive to gratitude.

Learning tools: “ T.E.A.M. Game,” G.R.O.W. in Great Fullness


#7: Do what you love and …

#8: Love what you do Barefoot Leaders navigate the complexities of leadership by doing what they love and loving what they do – without settling for less.

Learning tools: Rules of Discernment, Love Mindmap


#9: Every person matters and ….

#10: Your life matters Barefoot Leaders attain a higher level of consciousness in affirming the essential dignity of every person they encounter.

Learning tools: Appreciative Inquiry interviews with Barefoot Leaders, Personal Pathfinding journal

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