Anger and Stress Management

Anger and Stress Management


The anger and stress management course gives an opportunity to work in a safe, supportive and confidential environment to explore all issues troubling you. It can be relieving to find others sharing similar life experiences, whilst receiving help appropriate to your own unique circumstances. After this programme, participants will be:

i. Able to handle and manage stress and anger at the workplace.

ii. Understand the need for anger and stress management.

iii. Instilling awareness that anger and stress need to be managed.

iv. Be encouraged to embrace a belief system that values important attitudes and values.

v. Design a recovery plan to continue working on their anger.

vi. Be introduced to the Fight or Flight model.


Who Should Attend

Managers, Executives and Leaders


Course Description

Workplace stress and anger have a negative impact on the business as well as on the individual employee. Phone calls, meetings, projects, files, too much to do. Stop! Attend our training programme for better stress and anger management, self-esteem, and techniques for staying positive at work. Information is presented in a humorous and relaxed style. In addition the methodology employed would consist of lectures, exercises – physical & mental, group discussions and individual presentations, interactive activities, role play and video clip scenarios.



2 Days


Course Outline

Learning to learn • Defining Anger
Anger management • Swimming in denial
Why expressing anger is bad for anger addicts? • Understanding the fight or flight syndrome

• Learning about the anger pressure cooker

Where are you today

with your anger

• Understanding the consequences of uncontrollable anger

• Realising how often you get angry

• Learning the skills needed in dealing with your anger

Communicate to avoid creating an anger crisis • Understanding the principles of doghouse communication

• Practicing “mirroring” – the art of listening before answering Learning to lose as the first step in winning against anger

• Learning to lose as the first step in winning against anger

Stress management • Understanding stress and its symptoms

• Reflecting on experience

Assimilating and conceptualizing • Knowing why do we have stress

• Understanding the sources of stress

Tips & techniques • How never to be out of control again: choosing instead of reacting

• Participants apply several techniques

• Applying stress management strategies

• Creating the stress management plan

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