Ever been given a project so complex that you don’t know where to start? This course teaches you to:

i. Ensure successful and timely delivery of projects no matter how complex.

ii. Recognise the necessary elements in obtaining engagement from team members.

iii. Ensure the sustainability of projects implemented.


Who Should Attend

Managers, Executives and Team Leaders who need to or have a potential to direct a project team and want to understand general practices for managing a project.


Course Description

This course introduces participants to the principles of project management. It provides participants with fundamentals required to initiate a project, plan and manage it to successful completion. The course includes case studies and simulation games to strengthen participants’ understanding of the subject.



2 Days


Course Outline



Project Definition • What is a Project? What is Management? What is Project Management?

• Understand phases in a Project Life Cycle

• Be familiar with the major documents in a project

Project Organisation

• Understand the responsibilities of a Project Manager

• Understand the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in a project

• Understand how organisational structure influence projects

Managing Requirements

• Apply techniques to convert stakeholders needs, wants and expectations into requirements

• Understand techniques to reduce incomplete requirements

• Define project scope and manage scope creep

Project Budgeting

• Learn to develop estimates and budgets for a project

• Learn to monitor and evaluate project budgets using Earned Value Management, Variance Analysis and the S Curve

• Understand the contribution of team members to estimate and budgets

Project Scheduling

•Learn to:

i. Develop work breakdown structure (WBS)

ii. Sequence activities

iii. Develop project schedules using Gantt charts, PERT/CPM network techniques

Project Monitoring and Control

•Understand the Change Control System

•Apply techniques to monitor project health

•Implement corrective and preventive actions to control project performance

Risk Management

•Learn to identify project risks and issues

•Apply project risk management activities

• Plan risk management

• Identify risks

• Perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis

• Monitor and control risks

Project Quality Management

• Understand the processes of Quality Planning, Quality Assurance and Quality Control

• Appreciate how the Quality Management process helps organisations consistently deliver successful projects

Project Closure • Learn to formally close a project

• Understand the importance of harvesting project assets

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