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What we do?


“Learning is a Strategic Weapon.”

In today’s ever-changing world, continuous learning is inevitable. Leaderonomics’ role is to help you leverage learning as a strategic weapon for your organisation to achieve its business objectives. Our team, with its expertise and commitment, is in for the long-haul to partner you on that journey.

We elevate learning to be a strategic weapon in your organization through intentional, customized and experiential interventions.



How we do?


Leaderonomics is able to realign the learning initiatives of an organization back to the strategic priorities. The objective is to ensure the learning and development curriculum is robust and addresses the talent development needs in order to succeed in the strategic priorities.

We will identify Learning and Development needs across different tiers and capabilities. Outcome of it will include a comprehensive, multi-year roadmap that covers leadership training, personal mastery training, business specific training and also specific functional training.


• Experiential Learning


The key to incremental learning lies in the ability to engage learners and help in recall during the time of need. At Leaderonomics, we believe in experiential learning to achieve just that. Employees retain more of their learning through our engaging and contextual programmes. By incorporating a variety of simulations and activities into our learning design, we allow for contextualization and ultimately make learning sticky. Through simulations, we also give learners that “Aha!” moment that drives learning home and shows how learning can be applied.

Our simulations and activities range from exclusively licensed products to internally designed ones to fit many learning objectives. From digital to board-based to real-life simulations, we have something for every need. Simulations can range from 45 minutes to 2 days and are sure to give an unforgettable experience.


• Learning Calendar


Learning is an incremental activity, and the success of that lies in your learning calendar design.

Is your learning calendar designed in such a way that one module leads to the next across years and across levels? Is your learning calendar mapped to the right levels of competencies that will achieve the future goals of the business? By intentionally designing each module to build one upon another, your employees will be joining a development journey that is designed to be incrementally aligned to the organisation’s long-term objectives. With a common language and a common map, everyone will start speaking a consistent language and build behaviours incrementally to achieve an ultimate outcome, their career and business goals.


• Bootcamps


Leaderonomics bootcamps have the ability to help employees transition into new roles and adopt new paradigm shifts better. We design bootcamps that help orientate employees to adopt to new roles, align mindsets with the organization and disposition their state of mind from ‘current state’ to a ‘desired state’. Our bootcamps are a means of getting adjusted to a new state in order to start the new journey and a new cycle of learning.


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