Leaderonomics Club

c01-300x199Leaderonomics Club is our pioneering effort to drive improvement in leadership and performance within the secondary school system. Understanding that leadership cannot be built overnight, we have developed a structured curriculum to develop the leadership skills and character of our Club members through weekly sessions and on a long-term basis.

By meeting with our members regularly and throughout their years in secondary school, we aim to build lasting relationships and guide them towards self-discovery. While helping them realise their talent and potential, we are also there to help members formulate and execute plans with a grounded value system.

Being in the defining years of their lives, our content revolves around key character traits and values. Our 5-year Club curriculum covers 49 character traits that we believe are the building blocks of great leadership. These include Diligence, Compassion, Dependability, Boldness, Creativity and even Forgiveness.

To explore these traits, we employ various methods that include dynamic talks, experiential learning activities as well as real life situation challenges, which encourage Club members to apply what they learn in daily life.


How do we inspire and empower?

Through our long-term engagement model, we aim to inspire and empower our members to assume leadership roles in their schools. By instilling the mindset that “Leaders are not born, Leaders are made”, we begin by demonstrating to them how everyone around us will assume a leadership role regardless of their backgrounds.

Each member is given the opportunity to express their opinions through discussion-based and experiential activities conducted in the safe environment of their school and with the guidance of experienced facilitators.

Giving back to the community

c03-168x300At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of this initiative is to build a community of leaders and transform the nation. We believe that if just one person in every community takes up the responsibility to lead, our nation can be transformed for the better.

Hence, as part of the Club’s programme, members are required to organise community projects to help improve the condition of the community around them. This can range from organising communal work, to raising funds to get better school furniture. Through this, members are able to learn project management skills, leadership and to always keep their eyes open to the needs of the community.

Each Leaderonomics Club in schools also ‘adopts’ a welfare home nearby, and members volunteer their service on a weekly basis according to their own schedule. We believe that through this , members will come to realise the importance of spending some time in their week to lend a helping hand to those in need. In the long run, we hope to develop a nation of generous and open-hearted people.

Join us in our journey of cultivating strong relationships, inspiring young leaders and serving our community. For more information on our Clubs, including if you’d like to bring Leaderonomics Club to your school, contact us at youth@leaderonomics.com

Leaderonomics Club currently runs in the following schools:

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