We cannot always build our future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.Franklin D Roosevelt

We want to see young people wanting to make a difference. Leaderonomics understands that by building up the younger generation, we can all share a better future. Our youth work is the catalyst to such change.

We make youth confident, build their leadership skills and most importantly, help them realise their potential to make their future a better tomorrow. Guiding and nurturing them into history makers is our main priority and instead of seeing this as a job, we see this as a lifetime fulfillment.

Our initiatives revolve around three guiding principles: Inspiration, Relationship and Community.



“I have a dream”, “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there”, “Just do it”. Inspiring quotes motivate people to dream, believe and do. This is what Leaderonomics Youth strives to teach the youth. We do more than quoting from famous people; we create opportunities for the youth to inspire themselves as well as their peers. By instilling a sense of belief in their own potential and pushing them far from there comfort zone, we aim to build confident and excellent youth for the future.


We believe that cultivating deep and meaningful relationships with the youth is essential and we are dedicated to this commitment for the long haul. The process of mentoring and guidance is required to integrate long lasting values in the youth. Our approach is to provide positive role models and constant encouragement to the youths. Our programmes are never a one stop session. Our approach is to continuously develop the leaders of tomorrow through nurturing positive relationships as mentors and facilitators for the participants in their pursuit towards their dreams.


As the saying goes; just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to build a leader. Here at Leaderonomics Youth, we create as well as involve communities to develop future leaders. So while not only stirring civic-mindedness in the hearts of the youth, we invite the larger community to join us in our initiatives to lend a hand, experience and knowledge as well as their heart to impact the youth. All our services are part of a community whether it be a camp, a youth center or a club. They all represent an ecosystem of parts that play a hand the development of young leaders.

Our youth services catering to individuals aged 9 to 19 include :


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