Public Programme: LEADING FROM THE EDGE by Jamie Andrew


“Failures happen. Accept them. Learn from them.

Then let them go.”


World renowned international speaker, speaking about how he faces life’s tough challenges, despite losing his hands and his feet in a climbing accident at the age of 29. Jamie has the impossible to possible by being the first quadruple amputee in the world who has climbed several iconic mountains, completed Iron Triathlons and Marathons.


Leading from The Edge is about understanding one’s own motivators, inspirations, strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve maximum potential and to inspire maximum potential from others. Come and be inspired by Jamie Andrew as he weaves his tale on how he strives forward to be the very best albeit life’s tough challenges!


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Date: 4 November 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm – 6pm
Venue: HELP International School
Price: MYR 200 per pax


The session will be conducted in English.
Registration is transferable but not refundable.



Due to an unfortunate mountaineering incident at the Alps, Jamie Andrew had all four of his hands and feet amputated due to frostbite. For many this fate would have meant the end of all hope, but not for Jamie. Since losing his hands and feet Jamie has achieved some incredible feats. He has learned to walk again, taken up skiing, run marathons and iron-man triathlons, and remarkably, returned to climb once more in the mountains that he loves so much. Jamie Andrew is now the first quadruple amputee in the world to have climbed The Matterhorn in Switzerland, the first to climb Kilimanjaro in Africa, the first to complete a Marathon and the first to complete an Iron Man Triathlon.


As a speaker over the course of 15 years, Jamie has spoken in more than 40 countries, on 5 continents for a diverse range of companies including Tetrapak, Toyota Motor Sales, Vodafone, Roche, Danone, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi Co and Microsoft. Jamie shares his remarkable story, illustrated with stunning slides, in a simple and honest style that never fails to engage with audiences. He explains how he was able to dig deep into his reserves, to be resilient, and to face up to the hardest challenges of his life using simple, key techniques such as goal setting and focusing on his key strengths.


To identify areas for improvement in your own life and to learn how nothing is impossible with the right motivation, team, confidence and self-belief.



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