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Leadership Talents

Majority of CEOs mentioned that
"developing the next generation leaders
is their biggest challenge"

Organisations that will survive in the current volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment are the ones that leverage their people to overcome difficult situations. Organisations that will thrive in this environment are the ones that smartly identify their top high potential talents, develop them, keep them engaged and prepare them for future roles and responsibilities.


 C-level executives cited developing next-generation leadership as the biggest key challenge.


 High potentials make up 3-5% of your talent pool but in a management position can bring 27% more revenue per employee.

(John Maxwell, 2018, HBR, 2014)


 Finding and hiring a replacement employee for a critical position costs 70% of that position’s annual salary.

(Business Know-how, 2014)

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Develop, grow and accelerate a pipeline of high potential
employees to their next level of leadership.

Leaderonomics Talent Acceleration Programme is a series of thoughtfully crafted experiences for a group of people who have been intentionally selected to develop their abilities, mental strength and leadership capability at an accelerated rate to prepare them for a larger role that’s ahead. 

Leaderonomics has pioneered talent acceleration process and has taken it to the next level. We are amongst the small number of learning organisations globally that offer long-term acceleration programmes that provide an immediate ROI to organisations.

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We flip the learning model 
upside down, leading to more 
effective learning

We know leaders are made through experiences, practice, hard work and sacrifices.

We believe that people learn best not by being fed theories, but by having practical experiences. Research backs our claims where 70% is retained when learning is through experiences. All our programmes move from a ‘learning through listening’ model employed in typical training programmes to ‘learning while doing’ model.

Intensive, customised, compounding experiences  which maximises growth

Our intensive programmes are customised based on your strategic business priorities. We target multiple competencies through various interventions that compound real business exposure, contextualised learning simulations and project-based learning to create your ideal leaders. 

Each programme is thoughtfully put together where participants are pushed to the limits to maximise growth. 

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We are excited to work with you!

The Leaderonomics Talent Acceleration Program prepares a steady talent pool that is ready to take on new leadership challenges in your organisation. Working with us will ensure:

Smoother succession planning

Accelerate the readiness of your top talents for next level leadership roles.

Next level leadership, now

Your top talents operating at next level leadership performance level even before moving into the next level.

Immediate impact

Participants can immediately utilise the programme learnings on actual company based projects.

The highest level of engagement 

Top talents are highly stimulated through intense programmes that compound their skills. We ensure the highest levels of engagement throughout the programme.

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Talent Acceleration Overview

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