Building Communities of Love, Transforming the Nation  

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At Leaderonomics, we understand the importance of community and believe that social responsibility helps make communities better, stronger and more vibrant. Impact enough of these communities and we see nations transform.

We believe that the best way to truly impact the community is to ensure that every individual in the community is given the opportunity to be empowered and reach their full potential to be a leader.

We are working tirelessly to get our community services in India off the ground. 
We are looking for partners in India who shares our mission. Do contact us if you would want to partner with us in Growing People into Leaders, Building Communities of Love, Transforming the Nation. 

Our Community Pillars

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Leaderonomics Youth 

Our work with the Youths engages kids and youths from the ages of 8-18 through programmes such as Youth Leadership Camps, School Leadership Clubs, Social Connects, Workshops, and Conventions.

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Leaderonomics Campus 

We partner with Corporates and Universities to engage and empower undergraduates to be leaders that’s ready to face the working world.

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Leaderonomics Do Good

We put into action our commitment to helping organisations in the non-profit sector thrive and attain their goals. We do this through programmes such as Do Good Academy, a leadership training academy for NGO leaders and Do Good Volunteer, a volunteers matching platform.

Here are some of the things that we are doing in our communities in Malaysia to grow Youths into Leaders. 

Leaderonomics Youth Leadership Camps are a series of camps centered on the theme of leadership, designed to tackle and address common age-appropriate and youth life stage issues, as well as develop and harness life skills and leadership competencies. These camps integrate with youths from underserved communities.

Leaderonomics Youth Leadership Clubs in schools and community centres focus on developing character among the youth and empowering them to plan and implement projects that will drive change and impact within communities

Leaderonomics LEAD Youth Convention is large scale event where youths across Malaysia gather to learn, network and be inspired. This is also where students from Club shares and showcases their MAD (Make A Difference) Projects. 

We work hand in hand with our communities to make our nation a better place to live in, to work in and to grow up in, for our generation and for our future generations.