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About Leaderonomics

Leaderonomics is a social enterprise dedicated to transform developing nations through leadership development. We believe that leadership is what drives excellence in nations, organisations and communities.

We dream of providing access to leadership development even to the remotest parts of developing nations, ensuring that everyone who aspires to be a leader, is provided the tools and processes. Leaders can then build communities of love and transform the nation!

Our Organisational Services

Looking to Identify Key Talent within Your Organisation for Talent Management?

Looking to Customise Learning Journey for Your Employees and Organisation?

Looking for Support and Guidance to Excel?

Looking to Customise Leadership Programmes for Your Hi-potential Talent Pool?

Looking to Connect and Engage with Your Employees?

Looking to Solve Organisation-level Challenges and Enhance Your Organisation’s Edge?

Looking to Tell a Story of Your Organisation?

Looking to Harness the Power of Technology for Learning?

Our Community Services

Looking to Attend or Facilitate a Camp?

Looking to Coach or Build a Club?

Looking to empower NGO leaders?

Our Framework: Science of Building Leaders

Leaderonomics’ Science of Building Leaders is a blueprint that guides us in developing effective leaders from cradle to grave. It is a roadmap which identifies key elements that need to come together at different stages of one’s life, in order to assist an individual to develop into a well-rounded leader.

Our Culture: Naughty but Nice

“ A team that plays together, stays together.”

Fun seems to hit several birds at one go. Leaderonomers testify to a strong sense of camaraderie, which translates to better engagement as a team to tasks, projects, and more importantly, more fervent commitment to the vision of our company to transform our nation through leadership development!

Our Content

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Our Clients

Our Awards

Gold Awards

• 2017 & 2016 Best Leadership Development Consultant (HR VoTY) • 2016 Best Leadership Development Consultant (HR VoTY) • 2016 Best Management Training Provider (HR VoTY) • 2016 SME Employer of the Year (MIHRM)

Silver Awards

• 2016 Best Learning Management System (HR VoTY) • 2016 Best Employer Branding Consultant (HR VoTY) • 2016 Employer of the Year (HR Excellence Awards)