The New Way of Working

Lead your organisation's Work From Home experience in adapting effectively with Virtual Learning Interventions (VLI)

1 hour

 bite-sized learning

VLIs are intentionally designed 1 hour bite-sized learning, coaching or engagement interactions to help build the capacity and capability of your employees. You can run daily VLIs for different teams and different people to achieve amazing breakthroughs in thinking, growth and personal development.

The Future of #WFH

The events of the last couple of months have forced a lot of us to change the ways we go about our daily life. Even though the crisis may be temporary, the shift in the way we work may be here to stay for much longer. In fact, it has, in some ways, accelerated a shift to a new way of working that was expected to happen down the road anyway. 

We can convert your existing 
Learning, Team Building and Coaching
initiatives to Virtual Interventions

Companies have been forced to relook at how they deliver their output, how they interact with employees and clients, and how they get things done. In order to continue the productive and fruitful contributions of employees, as a company you have to ensure you provide them the necessary support needed to continue. This means access to tools and technology, clear direction, but also access to information, learning and guidance. 

We can help you convert your learning, team building and coaching initiatives (which you may have already planned for the year) to virtual interventions, to ensure your people still get the help and support they require, a need that will be stronger now in this new way of working. Virtual learning interventions can be straight to the point, cost and time efficient, and targeted to the right people in your organisation, covering a variety of topics and teams. Best of all, it is in incremental bite-sized 1 hour modules.

Choose your VLI combination:

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Learning Webinars

This includes access to some of the best speakers and faculty globally. Find out more about future-proofing your workforce through Learning & Development.

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Virtual Team Building

Virtual team bonding, alignment, problem solving, engagement and collaborative exercises, with game-based learning elements and deep insights from expert facilitation.

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Virtual Coaching

Individual (1 or 2 key leaders) or group coaching (6-10 per group) to address specific issues and specific gaps conducted by some of the top coaches across the globe.