Team Building

A Great Organisation is built on Strong Teams

Many organisations fail to find solutions to effectively bring teams together to deliver on the company’s strategy and plans.


of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

(Fierce Inc, 2011)


 of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project. 

(Salesforce, 2012)

Enabling organisations and teams to build trust and work effective together.

We create impactful experiences that brings people to work better together. 
Whether it's for seven or 1000 people, we've done it. 

We integrate the fun and energy from team building activities together with the deep insights from our learning expertise 
to bring your team to a deeper level of awareness, trust, and knowledge.

Some of our more popular products:
team building burgernomics

Our premier Teambuilding Simulation in collaboration with myBurgerlab. Burgernomics is the ultimate challenge to teams of all levels to learn more about their communication, process efficiency and their ability to deliver world-class products and solutions to customers.

team building leaderfit

Healthier, happier teams deliver far better results. Get fit together. Fully customised programme for your team to bond and get fit.

team building teambuilding
Teambuilding Away Days

1 - 4 days programme that gets your team collaborating, communicating, behaving and leading better leveraging a combination of activities and simulations to help your team discover their “a-ha!” moments.

team building lego
Lego Serious Play

Using Lego as a fun yet serious medium to help teams to understand each other’ point of views and thinking process leading to quick and clear alignments.

team building
Other Team Building Activities

We help you organise quick team building activities such as Laser Tag, Dragon Boat Racing, Team Culinary Classes and many more to help you energise your team and bond.

How we work with you: 
Our 4D approach


We listen and understand your business and organization needs, challenges and goals


Research and recommend the most effective strategy and plan that works for you and your organisation.


We construct the details of the programme as per agreed strategy and plan.


We execute the programme and adapt if needed to maximise results.


Why us?

Highly qualified team:

Our team is qualified not just to train and facilitate the activities but they are also trained to inject knowledge at the right place and time that creates a deeper learning experience.

Out of the box thinking

Our team building simulations can get really real which forces people out of their comfort zones to perform at a higher level as a team.

We do it best

Our average rating given by participants is 4.7/5!