Employee Intelligence &
Talent Assessments

Know and grow your best people by identifying, assessing and developing them

Finding and recruiting the right person to join an organisation is critical for an organisation’s success. 
Identifying and developing the best employees or talents can accelerate that success.


A high performing employee is 400% more productive than the average employee.



High performing employees in a management position can bring 27% more revenue per employee.



Finding and hiring a replacement key personnel for a critical position costs 70% of that position’s annual salary. 

(Business Know-how)

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Providing you actionable insights to develop your best people

Leaderonomics Employee Intelligence Service is a process of identifying your best people, leading to effective people development and smooth succession planning, for all levels; from new employees to senior management.

Our interventions and tools allow us to uniquely target those specific levels of your employees. From the convenience of online assessments to the intensity of hands-on simulations, we immerse your people in the experience that best shows you their potential.

Leaderonomics Talent Assessment

Virtual Assessment Center (VAC)

The assessment services offered by Leaderonomics are designed to facilitate the process of achieving self-awareness and intentional growth for your most valued people

Understanding that each organisation is unique, we are able to combine various methods across different assessment approaches, to suit your organisation’s recruitment, development, promotion and succession planning needs. 

Scenario-based Assessment Centres
Scenario-based Assessment Centres
Business Simulation Assessment Centre
Business Simulation Assessment Centre
Activity-Based Assessment Centre
Activity-Based Assessment Centre
Graduate Recruitment Selection
Graduate Recruitment Selection
Psychometric Profiling Selection
Psychometric Profiling Selection
Competency Based Interviews
Competency Based Interviews


Online Tool: ABA Traits Assessment. It only takes 15 minutes.

  • Provides comprehensive predictors of work performance and effectiveness 
  • Tests up to 13 different personality traits 
  • Includes a complete and easy-to-read report

Why us?

Expert Assessors

We partner with professional assessors, from psychologists to former HR Directors and even law professionals. We match our assessors to your company needs.

Immersive experience

We immerse participants into real-world scenarios and role plays, allowing your people to perform at their best and uncover real truths for most accurate assessments.

Customised solutions

Our Intelligence tools and experiences are highly contextualised and personalised to your organisation's needs and strategy.

We partner with the best assessment tools providers

Aston Business Assessments

Saville Assessment

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