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AI Powered Knowledge Cloud for Personalised Learning

Elevate your leadership development with this AI-powered platform that aggregates, curates and personalises learning to your employees’ needs. 

Necole Leaderonomics

Key Features

Necole dashboard

Aggregate free and open-source content, daily

NECOLE searches for all open-source and free content available online on a daily basis and aggregates them in a format that is familiar, similar to how the leading movie-streaming platforms are organised. The AI engine is configured and specifically built on our Science of Building Leaders framework. Maximise your learning time consuming instead of creating.

Necole Leaderonomics Personalisation

Complete personalisation to your learning interests

NECOLE learns about your interests and behaviors, adapting over time to deliver relevant personalized content daily that engages the learner resulting in higher user engagement as compared to other learning platforms.

Necole Leaderonomics Dashboard

Developed to be delivered across multiple platforms

NECOLE is available through a web interface which has been optimized to work across multiple types of platforms; desktop, laptops, mobile and tablets, delivering a seamless user experience anytime and anywhere.  

Necole Leaderonomics Learning Journey

Design custom learning journeys

With NECOLE, users are able to create customised learning journeys that are built up as a sequence of bite-sized contents that's relevant to the individual or role. Users can easily integrate other types of contents such as assessments or even organisation created custom content. NECOLE makes the perfect tool for onboarding or upskilling people into specific roles.

Leaderonomics Necole Content

Build and develop your own internal library of content

Users can easily create their own contents with user-friendly content creation tools embedded within NECOLE. Organisations are then able to build their own internal content libraries, unlocking tacit knowledge within the organisation and encourage the culture of learning to take root.