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A mobile solution focused on creating a more fun and rewarding workplace!

We use behavioral science and A.I. to to create thoughtful and intentional experiences that bring satisfaction, happiness, productivity and much more in the workplace, which covers all these 9 dimensions:

Necole Leaderonomics

Key Features

Necole dashboard

Simple and quick interactions

We use data science and machine learning to build insights for managers and people leaders from the team level up.

- Everyday, employees get a few questions about how they feel at work.
- As they answer questions, they earn coins that they can later spend on rewards!

Necole Leaderonomics Personalisation

Better feedback

Send feedback to direct managers anonymously.

- Managers can reply and/or forward messaged to the appropriate party.
- We help guide conversations between managers and their direct reports.
- 80% of our questions are positive self reflection.

Necole Leaderonomics Dashboard

Recognizing Performers

Give medals for exceptional work to reinforce company values.

- Every week, employees have an opportunity to give coins to others.
- Every month, managers have an opportunity to give a gem to their direct reports.

Necole Leaderonomics Learning Journey

People Insights

We provide actionable insights to improve people management, identify star performers, identify people risk, and more!

We guide your people through Sparks for employee self-improvement on wellness, resilience, teamwork, creativity, growth mindset, learning, and positive thinking.

Leaderonomics Necole Content

Your Happily Village

Purposeful interactions that bring meaning and value to your community.

HOUSES: Collaboration
TOWN HALL: Communication
RUNNING TRACK: Healthy Lifestyle
UNIVERSITY: Skill Exchange
GIFT SHOP: Friendship