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Leaderonomics Academy is an enterprise solution that creates tangible business impact by helping teams leverage knowledge for every day work

Leaderonomics Academy White Label Dashboard

Branded and White label

Customised the look and feel of the platform with your organisation' brand guidelines. 

Leaderonomics Academy

Keep track of learning modules that you need to complete 

Users are able to see all required learning courses that they need to complete and when it is due in one page. 

Leaderonomics Academy Dashboard

User friendly dashboard

Everything that you need on one page. 

Leaderonomics Academy Dashboard

Quick overview of courses

With a tap on the interested course, users will be able to see all information related to the course including who is the course for, what will you get out of the course, how it will be delivered and others. 

Leaderonomics Academy Social

Create a social culture virtually

Post announcements, share audio / video messages, initiate forum discussions and chat within your organisation. Learn and discuss latest trends & insights on a given topic.

Benefits of using Leaderonomics Academy

Leaderonomics Academy