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Digital Learning tools are any technology enablement that helps scale the acquisition of skills.  At Leaderonomics Digital, we have a suite of platforms that enable organisations to do just that.  They enable someone to gain and acquire new skills at anytime, anywhere and in their own pace.

Digital Learning plays an important role in the Human Resources space where it is now being used to scale learning opportunities to all employees in the organization in a more efficient manner.

Digital Learning allow companies to enhance their learning & development initiatives and provide a development ground for a larger group of employees by converting traditional classroom trainings into interactive online learning modules that is made available for every employee.  Our platforms not only increase reach, but can reduce cost and increase effectiveness as well.

Leaderonomics Digital plays an important role in the digital learning process by offering several digital learning tools that take benefit from advances in both artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Digital Learning tools such as a Learning Management System (LMS) can be optimised for organisational development, and used as a content repository which reduces the cost of conducting classroom training,

Other tools include Necole (a personalized, AI-powered mobile learning application), Leaderonomics Academy (a cutting-edge learning management system), Mentorcloud (facilitates intentional conversations towards sustainable mentoring relationship), and 360 Assessment (a year-round anonymous corporate feedback platform).



Personalized E Learning Experience with a Mobile-Friendly Platform


Create a Personalized, AI Assisted Content Aggregation & Curation with NECOLE™


The Internet offers an endless flow of open-source educational information, which is used to fuel the learning needs of everyone. The abundance of digital information often overwhelms us. In many cases there is little time to properly aggregate and curate so much digital information.

Leaderonomics Digital provides a high-tech breakthrough for content aggregation and curation though Necole, an AI driven Knowledge Cloud.

With the help of Necole, companies and individuals are now able to seamlessly increase their knowledge reach with an AI driven aggregation and curation process.  Necole’s AI-powered platform is the perfect tool for upskilling people in accordance to their leadership roles.

Necole uses an AI driven engine much like the popular video and content search engines, that learns about your personal interests and behaviors and overtime adapts your content consumption to match your learning needs.

Additionally, Necole serves as a Knowledge Management System, where all your internal company-specific content can be managed.  By leveraging these features, employees have a one-stop solution (both internal and external content) for their development needs.





Leverage Employee Knowledge for Everyday Work Experiences


Streamline The eLearning Process with Learning Academy



A Learning Management System (LMS) is an essential tool for supporting learning & development functions to enable a centralised content repository, increase employee engagement and scale knowledge sharing within the organisation. Traditionally, an LMS functions as a platform for online learning but over the years, it has evolved to offer learning experience to learners through gamification, collaboration and social learning.

A LMS system will allow your employees to learn on their own schedule on various platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet. 

Leaderonomics offers a unique enterprise Learning Management System (Leaderonomics Academy) that facilitates blended learning, built-in content creation, Ai-driven learning recommendation and skill mapping (to map a learning journey to their specific job role).

Our Learning Management System is a white-labeled platform which allows you to have full control on the platform personalisation, administration and management of your training programs as well as storage of your employee’s learning histories.

Leaderonomics Academy excels in a group setting as the software allows groups to learn and discuss important topics and trends that affect your company. It incorporates a virtual social communication that allow you to post announcements, share audio & video messages, initiate forum discussions and chat in real time.

Leaderonomics Academy is a welcome addition for any business entity that places an emphasis on training, and maintaining a highly skilled, knowledgeable work force.






Encourage Employee Mentoring with Mentorcloud


Retain, Attract, Build a Top Tiered Workforce with Employee Mentoring


The underlying secret to a mentoring relationship is Connection. Leaderonomics Digital’s Mentorcloud is used to create lasting, fruitful connections through intentional conversations that lead to Mentoring relationships.

Mentorcloud matches the employees to the network of individuals within the organisation who are committed to share their knowledge and expertise based on their interest or development area. It creates an opportunity for the employees to connect and be inspired by the community within the organisation through conversations.

Learning is more effective when it’s contextualized to actual work scenarios. Mentors’ internal expertise and organisational know-how enables quick adoption and development as these are highly relatable to the mentees. By creating such support systems, the organisation would increase employee engagement and thus employee retention.

Leaderonomics Digital offers companies an easy to manage solution for maintaining, inspiring and developing your company’s workforce through employee mentoring.

Mentor Cloud helps to match your company’s top talent with employees who are eager to learn and advance their careers.







Create a Better Work Environment with 360 Assessment


Provide Actionable Insights that provide a Holistic Feedback Cycle


In order to truly assess your own performance and quality of life, you need mirrors that reflects that which you are not able to discover on your own.  Feedback is essential to shed light on one’s blind spots. Traditionally, a 360 feedback assessment is conducted as part of employees’ performance reviews. Since the review is typically annual, peer reviews tend to be biased towards the recent interactions instead of evaluating the person’s performance throughout the year.

With Leaderonomics Digital’s 360 Assessment, employees can receive and practise giving out solicited, unsolicited and even anonymous feedback. Employees are free to offer feedbacks to their peers, supervisors or even to the organisation at any time throughout the year.

Receiving feedback from multiple perspectives allows employees and organisation to identify development gaps that are crucial to be addressed.

Feedback is essential in fine tuning an organization for success. Leaderonomics Digital’s 360 Assessment provides a 360-degree feedback process that is always on and extracts from multiple sources such as self evaluation, direct reports, peers, and supervisors.

Leaderonomics 360 Assesment provides a holistic perspective that will provide your company’s employees with useful insights to achieve their personal and corporate goals.