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From the era of apprenticeships, to learning from books to workshops and training, the way how people interact has evolved together with the needs of that time. However, that pace of growth has increased significantly, ahead of what someone is able to learn. From recent statistics:


   increase in profitability in highly engaged business units vs others. (Gallup)


of employees globally think learning is the most important focus in the workforce. (Deloitte)

Enabling organisations without limits whenever, wherever

We strive to ensure that our digital HR solutions solve these problems in a scalable and effective manner. We help organisations with their engagement, development and performance needs. Our solutions are relevant and timely and always with the employee in mind. 
Let us help you build the right organisational culture for you. 


Discover limitless possibilities that's really built around the employee


leaderonomics necole
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Revolutionary mobile-first online learning platform.
Necole is built on the latest technology using AI which pulls content from multiple sources and customises it to fulfil your learning needs.

leaderonomics academy

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A Learning Management System that does so much more. 
Monitor, measure, manage and deliver online and offline learning activities within your organisation and achieve higher productivity. 

leaderonomics academy

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Happy employees, happy customers, happy organisation.
A resource for HR to measure and understand employee engagement while helping managers transform negative states into positive states.

leaderonomics mentorcloud
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Mentorship at its best.
MentorCloud facilitates the establishment and continuation of meaningful mentoring relationship, providing a ground for mentees to initiate intentional conversations with mentors of same values and interests before deciding to move forward with mentoring relationship.

leaderonomics 360 assessment

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Build a culture of feedback in your organisation. 
360 Assessment is an online platform that facilitates exchange of solicited and unsolicited feedbacks within the organisation.


Why Digital Solutions?

Digital solutions are already being deployed at scale and those that are leveraging it have a big advantage over those who aren’t. The benefits of integrating our digital solutions into your organisation are immense.

Save time and money

Digital solutions reduces the cost spent on traditional interventions which usually include trainer, logistics, content and administrative costs. It also saves employee’s time away from the office which minimises disruptions to business.

Wider reach

With digital solutions, you can reach more people in different locations and time zones. Embracing Digital Solutions will also appeal to younger employees and attract new talents which are more digitally biased.

Track and measure

The analytics engine embedded in the platforms is able to track all relevant data; to be used for reporting, interventions, engagement, strategic decision making, risk mitigation and even gamification. Our data is complete and enhanced with machine learning. 


Digital solutions allow individuals to digest information  and engage at their own pace. They can choose to focus on smaller, bite-sized steps or jump ahead to meet new needs.

Highly customisable and contextual

Each solution can be tailor-made to how you would want it to work for your organisation, delivering a need-based personalised experience to every organisation.

Attract talents

According to Gallup, 87% of millennials say that professional training is very important to them. Digital learning is a cost effective way to develop a learning culture which will attract the next generation of leaders to organisations.

Let us help you digitise HR interventions in your organisation. 
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