Advancement Coaching

Unlock your people's potential through 
intentional conversations

The difference between a manager and a coach is the result.


improvement in business results for organisations with senior leaders who coach effectively and frequently.

(Bersin & Associates)


of employees in a strong coaching culture rated themselves as “highly engaged” .



is the average ROI for coaching. 

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Enabling organization leaders to improve their own personal performance, helping them to learn. 

There are managers who coach and there are managers who don’t. Experience has told us the managers that do coach become better leaders and those that they coach usually deliver better results. Great managers who coach know how to bring out the best in their people. 

Advancement Coaching is designed for those who are seeking to be coached, those who want to learn to coach as well as for those who are looking for people to teach to coach.

Leaderonomics Advancement Coaching modules

Personal executive coaching
Personal Coaching

Personal coaching sessions are conducted by fully certified coaches. We partner with a wide range of coaches with various expertise to ensure we are able to meet all your needs. 

coaching for everyone teach
Coaching for Everyone

We teach your people how to have coaching conversations that stimulate thinking and action that leads to change and growth. This is conducted through workshops and role plays.

group coaching
Group Coaching

We conduct coaching in a group setting adopting various methods that will help unlock mindsets. 

Personal executive coaching

Personal executive coaching. 
How we will work with you: 

Diagnose and identify your specific coaching needs.

Match coachee with a coach that fits and compliments each other.

Agree on coaching goals and outcomes/measurement of success with key stakeholders.

Start coaching, then evaluate and adapt if needed.

Closing conversation & suggest next steps.

Coaching for everyone. 
How we will work with you

Diagnose and identify specific coaching needs.

Learn the art of coaching conversation through a group workshop.

Practice through role plays including debriefs.

Practice new skills in the workplace.

Regroup for sharing and new learnings.

group coaching for everyone

Why us?

Fully certified

Our coaches are fully certified and highly experienced to coach across levels. 

Complete integration

While coaching is often served for a specific need, we can easily integrate it into other learning programmes to create a holistic development plan for individuals or a group.


Our coaches can also serve as mentors when needed as they have expertise within key industries.