Job Summary

We are looking for an event coordinator to be part of the events team. The goal is to organize unforgettable events that will set Leaderonomics events apart from the rest and ensure the completion of business objectives.

Job Responsibilities

  • Understand requirements for each event with attention to financial and time constraints
  • Liaise with relevant internal stakeholders to ensure deliverables are met on a timely basis as required for the relevant projects

* Stakeholders include those handling sponsorship, ticket sales, content curation, marketing and communications, media, artwork development, finance, technical (if done by LDR internally)

  • Liaise with LDR’s event vendor to develop a project timeline and to ensure all timelines and deliverables for the project are on schedule
  • Do final checks at the day of the event (e.g. tables, technology) to ensure everything meets standards

This role is for you if you are/have knowledge in…

  • Enthusiastic and passionate to create impactful events for the masses
  • Curious and eager to learn new skills/knowledge
  • Strong sense of accountability and responsibility
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Multi-tasker
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Able to balance both leader and team player roles depending on situations
  • Interested in meeting new people
  • Flexible in working hours especially during run-up to the event


Experience in project management or leadership roles in any project would be advantageous, but not a pre-requisite


Candidate will receive a crash course on event management and provided with on-the-job training.


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