Connecting Youths

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Leaderonomics Youth Connects is a platform that connects participants and students from camps and clubs or even their friends to come together to network and learn.


  Leaderonomics MAD Agents Connect  

The MAD Agent Connect serves as a platform for our camp facilitators or soon to be facilitators, more affectionately known as M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Agents, to meet up, be inspired and grow together with other like-minded individuals.

Leaderonomics Youth Connect

Facilitator Training & Selections

Open to all DIODE camp alums, the facilitator training is a 2-day programme held twice a year in order to develop future facilitators for upcoming DIODE Leadership Camps. The 2-day programme is experiential in nature as it not only equips future facilitators with the necessary soft skills to excel in facilitation but also challenges them via role plays and simulations so that our facilitator pool are of well equipped to continuously serve and develop the leadership potential of the youth of Malaysia.

MACE Programmes

Mad Agents Continuously Equipping (MACE) are Monthly engagement points with MAD Agents to continuously equip and inspire them with learning content that will help with their development. With guest speakers and interactive sessions, the MACE programme provides MAD Agents with learnings that add value from the usual facilitator syllabus.

Leaderonomics Youth Connect
Leaderonomics Youth Connect

Sport Saturdays

In order to provide a well rounded and holistic development opportunity to MAD Agents, once a month, Sports Saturdays provide MAD Agents a platform to bond over sports. Usually camp style sports like Captain Ball, the Sports Saturdays serve as an avenue outside of the usual content curriculum to bond over a good sweat and hearty meal after.

Intake of MAD Agents

If you are alumni of our DIODE camps or Leaderonomics Clubs, you are automatically welcome to sign up and be a part of our MAD Agent programme where we aspire to Make A Difference in communities.

Leaderonomics Youth Connect