Leaderonomics Tweens Camp

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Building strong foundations to thrive

Leaderonomics Tweens Leadership Camps are usually four days overnight camps designed for tweens aged 11-12 years old or if your tween is transitioning from primary to secondary/high school. The camps aim to provide a safe platform for tweens to build their assertiveness, confidence, and communication skills as they transition into secondary school

Lessons that will last a lifetime

Our camps are built to engage and equip youths to make a difference wherever they are. 
For that to happen we use a variety of activities and tools to bring it to life. Throughout the camp, each participant will be brought through a journey of self-discovery, friendship and overcoming fears and obstacles which will be accomplished through activities such as games, simulations, discussions and workshops. Not forgetting the final big bang night where participants and facilitators fully immerse themselves into the theme for the year and have a memorable time of fun and laughter.

Leaderonomics Youth Tweens Camp Games
Leaderonomics Youth Tweens Camp Games

Our key focus areas

Managing Friendships
Handling Peer Pressure