Leaderonomics Kids Leadership Camp

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Leaderonomics Kids Leadership Camp are two-days non-residential camps designed for kids aged 8-10 years old. Our activities are developed around an adventure-like simulation to address and teach leadership values as well as to help them improve their soft skills in communication. These young ones will be exposed to activities that will help them develop a strong moral character, growth mindset, curiosity, grit and creativity

Every year the camp follows a different theme to help the kids relate better to the lesson on hand. We have had an “Around the World’ theme where kids learn leadership values through popular characters from around the world.


Lessons that will last a lifetime

Our programmes are built to engage and equip kids to make a difference wherever they are. For that to happen we use a variety of activities and tools to bring it to life. Throughout the programme, each participant will be brought through a journey of self-awareness, self-discipline and friendship which will be accomplished through activities such as games and discussions. 

Read about the experience from a facilitator point of view: 

Our key focus areas

Strong Moral Character
Growth Mindset