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 Youths today, leaders tomorrow 

In the book Homesick and Happy, Dr. Michael Thompson, renowned psychologist and author talks about how camp experiences drive greater maturity in children’s lives. In his research, children who go through camp experiences return stronger, healthier, and more independent. 

Leaderonomics Youth Camps are a one of a kind life experience and each camp is specifically designed to cater to specific age groups. Camps are designed to have deep and meaningful impact, helping youth be more aware of themselves; their strengths, weaknesses, leadership potential, and leadership style. 

We are committed to ensuring that each Youth is given the opportunity to learn as much as they can which is why we have one of the highest facilitator- to-camper ratio among Youth Camps which ensures that each camper is given the appropriate amount of attention. 


Introducing Digital Youth Camps   

Just as webinars have emerged to replace traditional classrooms, digital camps are a natural step to meet the demands of a future that has been accelerated considerably. 

Can Digital Youth Camps provide the same impact experiences as physical camps? You'd be surprised, as we were when we saw just how quickly and seamlessly our digital campers adapted to the new medium and began interacting with their peers online.  


when asked about the interactiveness of the virtual group activities during camp

when asked about the user-friendliness of the platform - Leaderonomics Academy

when asked about the positive impact of the digital youth camp on their lives

Our Camps

Each camp is designed to cater to specific age groups to ensure that the lessons and activities are relevant and engaging throughout.

Sample title
Kids Leadership Camps 
(8-10 years old)

The 2-days non-overnight programme developed around an adventure-like simulation to address and teach leadership values as well as to help them improve their soft skills. 


Sample title
Tween Leadership Camps 
(11-12 years old)

This 4-days overnight camp that aims to provide a safe platform for Tweens to build their assertiveness, confidence, and communication skills as they transition into secondary school. 


Sample title
Youth Leadership Camps 
(13-16 years old)

This 6-days overnight camp aims to build a solid foundation in leadership through games, simulations, and heartfelt sessions that encourages Youths to break out of their comfort zone. 


Sample title
International Youth 
Leadership Camps 
(11-15 years old)

This 4 or 6-days overnight camp, held during the Summer Break, aims to build a solid foundation in leadership through experiential learning activities such as leadership games, workshops, simulations, personal mentoring, sharing by industry experts, and projects.


Sample title
School Leaver Camps 
(17-19 years old)

An immersive experiential 3-days overnight camp to help Youths discover more about themselves and further education choices.


Sample title
Digital Youth Camps

The same impact experiences as physical camps, adapted to the new medium with online interaction with their peers.

What do our campers say?


Leaderonomics Youth Leadership Camp is just life-changing. If it was not for this, I would still be the shy, quiet girl who will always be a follower in that game of following the leader! The trained facilitators in DIODE helped me realise the potential I had in myself to become a great leader. They have taught me the traits and skills it takes to be a leader!


“Attending Leaderonomics Youth Leadership Camp is the most valuable and life-changing experience I’ve ever had. Meeting new people was a nightmare for me but after attending this camp, I learned to mingle with others” 


It is the first time I have ever gone to something like this. So, it is a really good experience and I think I’d probably never forget this experience. It really meant a lot to me. I would like to take time to thank all the facilitators for helping us and doing so much to push us. Thanks.

Luke Andreas, 12 years old, Tweens Camper



Partner with us

It takes a community to build a leader. We believe that we can empower more people and create a deeper impact if we work collaboratively with others. We also believe that partnerships work both ways where we can also positively impact the work that you do as a company or as an individual.

We aim to ensure that 30% of our camp participants are from underprivileged communities - and are fully sponsored by Leaderonomics and our partners. Through these camps, we have witnessed countless youths transform into leaders, eager to make a difference in their communities.

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