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Building values that will last a lifetime

Leaderonomics Leadership Club is a co-curricular programme conducted within schools and communities to grow students into leaders. These clubs focuses on developing solid moral character traits that form the backbone of effective leadership. The club provides a safe environment for each member to share and express his or her opinions with the guidance of experienced coaches.

"Youths who participate in extracurricular activities such as school clubs are usually more grounded, more confident, have a healthier social life and improved skills development, among other benefits."

This initiative is fully approved by the Malaysia Ministry of Education

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  Our Goal  

Our vision is to inspire and empower as many students as possible, bringing these leadership clubs to all secondary schools in Malaysia, empowered by passionate and experienced teachers and coaches.


Leaderonomics Club

Experiential learning

Learn character building through games, role plays, real life simulation and challenges.


Experienced coaches facilitate students through age appropriate and relevant discussions related to lessons.

Team projects

Students are given the opportunity to further express the character traits through M.A.D (Making A Difference) projects run each year to address specific areas of needs in schools or communities.

LEAD Convention

For students to present their projects and pitch for funding in the annual LEAD Convention that gathers club members from various schools. A school is selected each year to host these conventions.

Lead Convention

A large scale event for Leaderonomics Club students to showcase club projects, network and learn from one another.

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Latest School Club list

Sample Club Syllabus


All efforts and cost in the set up and operations of Leaderonomics School Youth Clubs are led and funded by Leaderonomics. We strive hard to make the operations of these clubs free for all government schools. With over 10,000+ government schools in Malaysia, we aim to be present in every single on of these. 
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