Building Future Leaders, Today

Leaderonomics Campus is dedicated to developing the leadership competency and capacity of college and university students. Our vision is to be the leader and the innovator in developing students into top talent for organisations and leaders for the community.

We operate through Premier LEAD, Camp LEAD & LEAD Training Series. These programmes are usually in partnership with a corporate organisation.

Leaderonomics Campus

Premier LEAD

A fully customisable long-term (3-6 months) leadership accelerator experience designed for high potential and top students. With a comprehensive support structure, this intensive programme focuses on higher-level competencies to ensure participants are holistically developed. Delivered through various modules, simulations, business projects, field trips, case studies, coaching and more.

Leaderonomics Campus

Camp LEAD Programme

A 5–6-day leadership accelerator experience, which is a short and intensive version of Premier LEAD. These experience are brought to life through action-based modules, simulations, case studies, projects and more.

Leaderonomics Campus

LEAD Training Series 

A series of learning workshops crafted to develop leadership soft skills and overall competencies among undergraduates.