Our Values

Leaderonomics is built on the values we believe in.

Our mission is brought to life through these values which influences how we work and the decisions we make.


Treasuring & growing relationships with each other, people we interact with, the community & God

At Leaderonomics, our entire organisational infrastructure is built to ensure a continuous relationship with every stakeholder we engage with. We believe that at the heart of it, relationships are how we build bridges and impact change in the world. Every relationship we have, is one that we treasure and grow, be it with a participant of our programmes, or our customers and the community at large.


Serving others passionately and nurturing a spirit of generosity everywhere

It is far more blessed to give than to receive. We believe the world will be a better place if we all learn to give of ourselves in the service of others. To transform the world, we seek to build passionate people with the spirit of service and giving. Only then will we receive.


Enabling everyone a voice in the world and a place to make a difference

We believe everyone is worth it. We want to provide a platform for everyone to be able to express how they feel, and empower them to achieve their dream. We want to give everyone an opportunity to write their story. A story of leadership that will impact the world.


Fuelling a lifelong passion for learning, innovation and holistic self-transformation

We recognise the importance of lifelong learning as crucial development for an individual as well as an organisation. Growth is painful yet critical for leadership greatness. We are zealots of growth in everything we do and our fervour is transmitted into all our services and leadership development programmes.

Building The Future

Executing and Building The Future by renewing minds and hearts to create a just, free and caring world

We believe all our actions today will have a consequence in the future. And we are thus committed to influence our community today to develop a bright and exciting future for all. At its core, what makes Leaderonomics different will be the character of the company and the character of each one of us who provide leadership to company. We want to be people of honor, people of their word, people who try to live in purity of mind and heart – thereby building the future.

….. and in everything and with everyone, 
building a foundation of INTEGRITY, LOVE and FUN