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We are a cause-driven leadership development firm whose primary purpose is to solve society’s problems through leadership development. We believe everyone has the potential to be a leader who can positively and significantly make a difference in their community and organisation.

Leveraging our Science of Building Leaders framework, developed from years of extensive research, we enable organisations and individuals to reach their potential and achieve their goals. That framework now guides our processes in developing people to be successful, effective leaders, wherever they are. 

Since founding in 2008 in Malaysia, we have reached and impacted numerous leaders from MNCs, GLCs, SMEs, NGOs across all levels of leadership as well as kids and youths from 8-24 years old including those in the underserved communities. With operations in Malaysia, India and Thailand and are made up of over 400 passionate employees and partner trainers, together we work to fulfil our mission of “Growing People in Leaders, Building Communities of Love, and Transforming the Nation”.

Leaderonomics, the name

Every week, someone has a new way to state our name, which is amusing. From leadership guru Ram Charan once pronouncing our name “leader-economics” to the Director of HR of a global organisation calling it “leader-romantics”, it never fails to make us smile when we hear our name being verbalised.

So, why did we set ourselves up for such abuse with such an unpronounceable word? Well, we knew that leadership was something that was never going to be easy to master. Becoming a great leader takes much time and effort and deliberate practice. But once you have mastered it, you can continuously leverage your personal leadership to drive change and transformation. Similarly, our name is not easy to master at first. However, if you repeatedly practice and use it, it become familiar and you will soon have no problem pronouncing it -- just like leadership.

From a pure definition, the English suffix-nomics is derived from the Greek νόμος nomos, meaning "law." The fields ending with -nomics thus mean "law of" whatever the prefix is. Leaderonomics then can also be interpreted as the law or science, as we call it, of leadership.

Founding stories

Roshan Thiran, Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics

“Almost ten years before we set up Leaderonomics, I had a burning question that plagued me – why do certain communities thrive whilst others languish in poverty and despair? I decided to explore the question with a series of experiments. What began as a small project resulted in a profound insight. It became clear that everything rises and falls on leadership. It was easy to go into a poor community and give them funds and help them with the issues they faced today. But that would be temporal relief. What these communities needed were leaders who could help them transform themselves.

Leadership was a key missing element in all these communities but there was no means to bring leadership development to these communities. My experiments also highlighted that leadership is not genetic but a learnt process, and that this process began usually in a person’s childhood and school years. So how could we go into the most rural of places in the developing world and provide experiential leadership development? Hui Ming and I, together with a few others pondered this issue for months and we knew we had to dedicate our lives to this vision of reaching out to transform developing nations through leadership development. We knew if we helped grow one person into a leader, he or she would then be able to transform their community [multiplication/starfish/apache] and if we kept repeating this over and over, nations will be transformed. And thus the vision of Leaderonomics began”

Roshan Thiran

Ang Hui Ming, Co-founder of Leaderonomics

“When Roshan shared his insights on how critical leadership education was and how scarce it was in the developing world especially in rural schools and villages, we all knew that this was a calling worth investing our lives for. We are called to leave a positive legacy on this world, and what could be more important than enabling people to fulfil their potential. Many social enterprises give shoes, funding or food to the poor but those never solve the root of the issues in these challenged communities. But this vision at Leaderonomics was about going to the heart of the problem and fixing the root causes.

But there were obstacles in the way. How could we afford to bring this education to the masses, especially the challenged communities? We knew we did not want to set up an NGO but rather a model of leadership which could be replicated in all developing countries. And so we set up a social enterprise offering learning and corporate services to businesses all over the world, where all our talents and skills could be fully utilised and monetised. Then we take the funds generated from these services to be directly invested into community programmes for youth, university students and to help NGO and community leaders fulfill their calling as leaders.

We set up Leaderonomics, a unique social enterprise that funds its community programme through world-class leadership development programmes for corporates. Every morning I jump out of bed knowing that we are changing the world, one person at a time. And we want as many people as possible to partner with us on this exciting journey.”

Today, this vision remains the heartbeat of Leaderonomics -- providing leadership development to all, including those who cannot afford it, especially impacting the lives of children and youth. And the vision has become even bolder. At Leaderonomics, we have now grown into a global organisation, staying true to our calling but investing heavily in R&D in leadership development. Our research is now the cornerstone of our highly acclaimed action-learning curriculum, which explores new areas of leadership including brain research, EQ, Asian leadership and new means to lead. Today, we are proud to see numerous global organisations leverage on our corporate services and partner with us on our media and community work.

At Leaderonomics, we believe that everyone is a leader – whether a youth passionate about a cause, a parent leading the family, CEOs driving organisational growth or even politicians making a difference. We are devoted to provide the learning and development for everyone from the formative stage of leadership to the highest level of leadership to enable everyone to fulfill their potential and become the leader they were meant to be.”

Ang Hui Ming

The Science of Building Leaders

Leaderonomics’ Science of Building Leaders (SOBL) is a product of the review of extensive research in the field, personal experiences in the workplace and insights from leaders across the world. It highlights the development of leadership throughout the span of an individual’s life.

The main idea behind this Science of Building Leaders is that different aspects of leadership development occur at different points in an individual’s life. Starting from the building of the foundation of leadership in the formative years, leadership is then practised and improved in the workplace before becoming more concrete and driven in the later years of an individual.

Science of Building Leaders