Our Mission

Growing People into Leaders,
Building Communities of Love,
Transforming the Nation.

We had a simple belief that as long as we could grow even one person to be a better leader, this person would go on to build a community of love around him/her, and when many communities of love are built, our nation would be transformed.

Our mission is to seek to grow people into leaders, build affectionate communities, and transform human societies. This mission is anchored by the Golden Rule that we can only prosper if we protect the prosperity of those around us. As members of one vast community, we want to play our role as agents of transformation by creating, redeeming and sustaining life in all spheres of the global society. Our mission is centered on helping people to reach their potential as a leader and help them grow into community leaders that will make a difference in the world. We strongly believe that leadership will help transform communities and societies into a better, fairer and more caring society.

At Leaderonomics, we are acutely aware that such goals and aims cannot be done alone. In reality, we are nothing. It is only by good fortune, mutual encouragement and communal execution that we can carry the hope that one day we will see the fruition of what we envision.

And if not us, then we hope that the generations after us will reap those fruits. But we aim to partner with individuals and various organisations to help us along this journey to make this a reality.

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