The Science of Building Leaders (SOBL)

The journey of leadership development as we see it


The SOBL is a blueprint of what are the different elements that we need to develop in order to help a person become an effective leader. In our research, we have found that this is a journey that starts from birth and spans one’s entire life. At different stages of life (indicative age brackets), there are different elements (traits, skills and qualities) to develop, and focusing on these at the right stage of life will give a better chance of getting it right along the way.


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We set out to answer…


- “Is there a science for effective leadership development? If so, are there patterns/trends we can replicate in order to develop others who are interested into effective leaders?” 

- If leadership is something that can be developed, we want to find out whether there is a scientific way to develop effective leaders. 

- Bringing together existing theories and understandings of leadership development.   

Sample title

Literature Review

of existing studies

Sample title

Structured interviews

for a select pool of current, local leaders and international ones.

Sample title

Analysis on biographies

and accounts of famous leaders in history.

Sample title

A survey to a sample of the selected leaders’ followers

will be conducted to understand how these followers perceive them, and what stands out in terms of their leadership to them.

Sample title

Data analysis of information from participants

through the different programmes that Leaderonomics runs.


For a deeper understanding of The Science of Building Leaders, please listen to this podcast on 
Raise Your Game: Unveiling The Science Of Building Leaders

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Topics include: (more to be added over time) 
- Overview of SOBL framework (episode 1) 
- To what extent can parents influence their children’s personality 
- How children learn best 
- Developing character in children 
- Instilling a growth mindset in our children 
- Developing our children’s curiosity 
- Why is grit so important When your child wants to quit 

We have a variety of podcasts tackling some more specific elements of SOBL: BFM Raise Your Game Episodes: (2019-2020)    
Agency And Its Importance In Leadership Development Being Utterly Curious, And Nurture It Throughout Life
Making The Most Of Role Models For Our ChildrenCharacter - Building The Right Foundations In The Leaders Of Tomorrow 
Developing a vision for self and a clear sense of purpose
Developing a vision for an organisation / group 
Dealing with and prevailing Crucible moments 
Secure base - what it means at different stages of life 
Mentoring others / knowledge transfer 
Identity Formation Building technical competencies to support vision 
Driving change 
Importance of sportsmanship - how to develop throughout life 
Changes in personal life affecting career 
Leaving a legacy 
Building initial success stories 
Aligning personal to organisational values 
Unlocking the growth mindset at any age